Yes it’s Valentine’s Day … but?

Valentine’s Day has always been a strange time for me.  I haven’t had the best of luck with relationships going into the month of February – so the meaning diminished a bit before danae came along.  Like a ray of sunshine, she illuminated it and made it special.  🙂

The thing about Valentine’s Day is a lot of people be lovey dovey on the day – but why not make that a part of your every day?  If you’re in love with the person or people you’re with, then every day becomes Valentine’s Day!  From cuddling to kissing to spending time together to dates — it doesn’t have to be once a year folks.

I’m just lucky and blessed to be with two incredibly wonderful women that remind me that our love for each other doesn’t come once a February … it’s everyday, every way possible that we enjoy the company we keep.

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