within Reality’s Birthday Giveaway!

GIVEAWAY is Closed. We have a Winner!

In 2004, Master and I were on our way to Denver when the conversation about websites came up.  The more we talked, the more we liked the idea about maybe starting a website to have all our various writings from over the year in one place.  We wanted a name that fit our journey. We brainstormed names, but kept coming back to one name – withinReality.com

There’s no one “right way” to discover one’s reality, many people think this lifestyle is a fantasy or that it can’t be done in real life. Well, not only do we think it can be lived – within reality, we believe that it goes beyond the orgasm, beyond the titillating fantasies, and other masturbational fodder we read on the internet. Reality reminds us that life has bills, work (sometimes more then one jobs), floors to scrub, counters to clean, laundry to tend to, and cars to be serviced. We can have kinky fun, we can have kinky relationships – while doing all the daily realities of life in general.

This year Master and I are celebrating 10 years of having the website.  We will be doing 6 giveaways this year in celebration. We want to give back to the kinky community, who have given us so much over the many many years we have been following this path.

Twithinrealitycuffs 3he first giveaway is a set of leather wrist and ankle cuffs.  The cuffs are made of leather and have a faux fur lining,  the wrist cuffs are 15″ long, the ankle cuffs are 17 3/4″ long,  both sets are 2 1/2″ wide, adjustable, with a buckle closure, and D-ring attachment point.




One (1) person will win a brand new set of leather wrist and ankle cuffs. 

This giveaway is limited to those folks living in the US (sorry out of country folks!). Please make sure you have a valid email when you enter your comment. To enter this giveaway, just answer the following question in the Comments section of this post: What kind of bondage or restraints do you enjoy or want to try?

Want to get some extra entries for the giveaway? Post a blog note on FetLife, Twitter update, or blog post with a link to this post and then leave a separate comment here with a link to where you posted it.  You may post on all 3 forms of social media, but leave a separate comment for each so you can have 4 total entries if you do each.

So to enter to win again in the comments with a valid email – answer this question: What kind of bondage or restraints do you enjoy or want to try?  

Extrwithinrealitycuffs 2a Entries

Twitter –  Do an update with a link to this post, come back and comment again, including a link to your status update about the giveaway and a valid email address.

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A winner will be picked April 15, 2014. All entries posted by April 15, 2014 12am mountain time will be included in the drawing.

withinrealitycuffs 4



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15 thoughts on “within Reality’s Birthday Giveaway!

  1. Keeping my husband chained and locked to the foot of my bed while I am in bed making love to a boyfriend would be fun.

  2. When I am in submissive mode, (I am a switch), I like to be chained in the 1890’s antique shackles my partner owns. They are heavy steel and grip my wrists tightly. The locks he uses on them are also antique. Just putting them on takes me down to subspace.

  3. I really enjoy it when my husband restrains me by holding me down, but using old neckties to tie me to our bed is becoming just as fun for me.

  4. I don’t have a favorite form of bondage because I like every kind of bondage. Give me handcuffs, rope bondage, chain, belt straps, bondage tape, duct tape, shackles, zip ties, scarves, saran wrap, leather cuffs or grabbing anything that is handy to tie up pretty girls.

  5. Rope and leather are my favorites but more complex leather restraints work for my taste I like the possibilities with a more diverse options

  6. My favorite form of bondage is tied to a cross for beating. Or perhaps just leashed and cuffed and held by my Master while he’s watching TV. Either way.

  7. I love heavy, padded leather cuffs, wrists and ankle, chained to my slave bed. From there, anything can happen — and does.

  8. I am brand new so not sure what I like, but I would like to tie someone up or maybe they can tie me up.

  9. I enjoy any type of restraints my Sir wants to use on me. Including plain old patience. He enjoys rope – and the marks left behind – a great deal, but we are always up to playing with anything that may come in arm’s reach.

  10. Just coming out and exploring my deeper self. Beginning with Shibari and expanding – Leather and Restraints are the next logical step…

    Nice to have others of similar mind set leading and stimulating our self expression…


  11. There are these soft, silky ties that a new playmate showed me on our first date, then our next date I saw them when he was packing up. I am really curious, but new to the lifestyle. Here’s the catch, I keep fantasizing about putting them on HIM. Sigh…

  12. I want to have a shibari mastrr tie me up until I’m suspended from the ceiling.

  13. I really enjoy it when Sir chooses to restrain me using an old scarf of mine, His own hands, or His will. though I’ve never worn ankle cuffs, I would v much love to.

  14. I LOVE leather restraints! Sir isn’t really into bondage so it’s rare I get the chance to use them.

    PS-I have a link to your blog in the links section of my blog – submissivecircle.com.

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