Tribute: Carpe Diem

Just a little note this is a tribute and not my usual pondering, but I still wanted to include because it does relate back to BDSM communities.

Over a year ago, I did an article on “It Takes a Community” – where it gave thanks to those who actively assemble and put together the incredible programming for SMART, Carpe Diem and other local BDSM meetings. This month marks the end to one of those groups. Even though the group will no longer exist, it does not mean that the spirit, the knowledge, or the sense of community will or should drift away.

From its practical bondage teachings, to reaching your inner passion within the lifestyle, the lessons have always been designed to inform and overlay a standard for everyone to gravitate towards. These gatherings were geared to guide, not dictate. To touch, but not force. To encourage, but not judge.

Carpe Diem.

Seize the day.

Seize the moment.

Seize the opportunity.

Seize the choices that have been laid out for all of us. Sometimes this means we chose the path least traveled, sometimes it means we go with the flow. Regardless, groups like Carpe Diem put forth the tools and knowledge to be grasped and shared. But above all else, there was an underlying thread of responsibility, of community, and of enjoyment.

With tools in hand, shared the knowledge, encouraged the responsibility, the camaraderie, the patience, the passion and focused on the nuances, the safety, and the love for a lifestyle that brings us all together. Even as Carpe Diem draws to a close, it does not mean that the community should be separated, or the knowledge no longer be shared, or the passion be lost.

After moving away from Ohio and living in an area that does not have a BDSM community, I can tell you that sense of community that comes with groups like SMART and Carpe Diem is something that I never take for granted. One of the hardest parts of leaving my friends, my community was the fear that I was going to lose a part of who I am. Because you become so a part of the community….the group….the people…the friends. Yet, I still hold onto the knowledge, the passion, the experience and the sense of community despite my physical absence. And for me, Carpe Diem became a mindset of something I strive to achieve each day.

The quest for knowledge never stops, nor does searching for the answers, or the advice regardless if you’re giving or seeking it. The drive does not diminish because how can one deny something that becomes a part of you? Remaining true to yourself becomes your inspiration in life. The regular gatherings were the reminder, the physical, tactile event you could attend that would serve as the string wrapped around your finger of who you are and why you went.

The well may be ending, but the thirst for knowledge and community should always remain. And will carry on through SMART and any other groups in the area that remain or form.

I have many fond memories of my experience with Carpe Diem. I still recall my first meeting. I cannot begin to express how much I treasure the friendships I’ve gained. Lucar, Moni and all the wonderful people that made Carpe Diem a comfortable environment, where coming together in like mind giving it a sense of acceptance that was simply overwhelming. Carpe Diem helped me to flourish in my exploration of my lifestyle story by being able to share, express and learn.

But if we can learn anything from this chapter, let it be from its translation. Because we all can seize the moment, live each day to its fullest, and remain an active participant in the lifestyle community regardless if you’re geographically impaired or you freely live among your fellow lifestyle parishioners.

Carpe Diem is not just a catchy phrase for a lifestyle group, it’s an attitude. It’s a philosophy. It’s an exercise of our potential, our vision, and the responsibility to ourselves and to one another and groups like Carpe Diem helps us achieve our desires and dreams.

Seize the day.

Seize the moment.

Seize from within and share.

Carpe Diem…

Thank you Lucar and Moni for creating Carpe Diem for encouraging the community to seize the day.

© within Reality: danae 2005 – all rights reserved