This Very Moment

In this very moment, the following describes where I am.

SERVICE: I am in service to a man of regard. A man that is stately, driven, self-confident, and caring. A man strong enough to run his own businesses and desire to own, not just one, but two slaves. Owning, as in owning their entire lives–their history, their ugliness, their fears, their joys, their idiosyncrasies, their desires, and their bodies. (I’m not sure I can handle my own life at times, let alone someone else’s!)

LOVE: I am in love with a woman who has a magnificent heart. She is articulate, wise, concerned, and artistically talented. She is beautiful all the way through. Her drive in life is amazing. She has lived through so much and will help anyone along their path. danae is a treasure that shines through the darkness.

FAMILY: I find myself wrapped in arms of acceptance and arms of family in a way I’ve never been before. The love, the everyday struggles and joys, the companionship, the laughter, the tears, and the peace of sitting together, even in silence. It is something I marvel at each evening I am honored to spend with them. I love the trust, the respect, and the encouragement Sir and danae offer me. The mutual desire is an awe, yet such a natural part of who we all are.

STRONG: I am in a place for the first time in my life where I can actually see the future as something bright. I didn’t realize it, but my childhood was filled with darkness–the darkness of depression and hopelessness. I’ve lived through some things–some not so pretty things. I have always been the peace-maker, avoiding conflict like it was a plague. I have always avoided rocking the boat. I was happy to be the wallflower where I hoped the pains of life might not see me and pass by. With help over the years from an inspiring woman, I have discovered my strength, my individuality, myself–the beautiful heart that I truly am. She has helped me to stand and be proud of the person I am.

ME–JUST ME: I am proudly a femme, a child at heart, a budding artist, a dreamer, a newbie at kink and poly, a dancer, and last, but not least, a unicorn!

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