Nipple Suction Set

2015-07-15 21.25.19We received an order from JT Stockroom last week. These were a part of the order. Kaya mentioned them on FetLife. So I told her I would be cursing her name when they were “tested.” I think blaming kaya is better for my health than trying to blame the Sadists that inflict such umm tortures on us. (Insert self preservation badge here)

So that I can be as sweet and kind as kaya here is a link:…
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I have a doctors appointment today. The doctor will most likely be pushing on my bare belly. So this morning I asked Master if he would help me make sure I have all the sharpie off me in places I can’t see when I took my shower. He said, “Oh I am sure you are fine.”

So one hour before my appointment, I pull my panties down and ask Master if he sees sharpie.

“Yes! Oh umm cunt is clearly visible.”

So 30 minutes before I need to leave, Master is helping me scrub sharpie off my body.


I don’t have a safeword. But sometimes I like to pretend I do and I use “purple alligator.” This morning Master was biting me and growling during a little play. He is a Walking Dead fan and told me that he was a zombie. I said, “No role playing zombies! Purple alligator!” He laughed that laugh that said you are just so cute to think you have a safeword.

Overheard Here Tonight

“SON of a BITCH! Oh oh oh you know I wasn’t directing that at you…right? You know that right…right?”

“Ouch…oh…that train has sailed!”

“You know that muscle is supposed to stay there, right?”

“Sir, you can tell me that I am supposed to like this, but that would be lying and you told me I can’t lie.”

Also overheard…lots of giggling, moaning, and screaming. Yay!

30 Days of Kink – Day 9

Day 9: Post a kink related song or music video you enjoy.

I like Pretty When you Cry by VAST.  This is the first time I think I have ever watched the video though.

I think this video is yummy….I have posted it before…it is Hurricane by 30 Seconds to Mars

I like the lyrics to Corrupt by Depeche Mode too…
here is the video (just still images) and lyrics below….

I could corrupt you in a heartbeat

You think you’re so special

Think you’re so sweet

What are you trying

Don’t even tempt me

Soon you’ll be crying

And wishing you dreamt me

You’d be calling out my name

When you need someone to blame

I could corrupt you

It would be easy

Watching you suffer

Girl, it would please me

But I wouldn’t touch you

With my little finger

I know it would crush you

My memory would linger

You’d be crying out in pain

Begging me to play my games

I could corrupt you

It would be ugly

They could sedate you

But what good would drugs be

But I wouldn’t touch you

Put my hands on your hips

It would be too much to

Place my lips on your lips

You’d be calling out my name

Begging me to play my games

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