Little Things

Often it is the little things that make me smile…

Master walking by me, grabbing my hair tightly, and spinning me around to kiss me while I am doing dishes

Him whispering mine in my ear when we are standing in a busy checkout lane at the grocery store.

Being able to hand him the very thing he is looking for even though he hadn’t verbalized he was looking for it.  Seeing his eyes light up and smile at me like i am his good girl.

Sometimes it is very vanilla things like….washing dishes with a handmade dish cloth a good friend made.

Having 15 minutes of quiet after a stressful day.

A good friend texting out of the blue just because.

Tonight my domestic side was touched in that way.

This weekend we bought new sheet. I laundered them today and pulled them out of the dryer tonight to put on the bed. I started to look for that tag that hides in one corners, but instead saw a tag half way between corners. It read “side” – I squealed so loudly that Master thought something was wrong.  I replied in excitement that there were tags on all four sides marked: 2 marked sides, 2 marked top/bottom.  It made this domestic service oriented person smile and sigh with joy. I know it doesn’t really enhance Master’s life, but certainly makes my life easier in serving him.  Shaving time off wrestling sheets.

Yes it’s Valentine’s Day … but?

Valentine’s Day has always been a strange time for me.  I haven’t had the best of luck with relationships going into the month of February – so the meaning diminished a bit before danae came along.  Like a ray of sunshine, she illuminated it and made it special.  🙂

The thing about Valentine’s Day is a lot of people be lovey dovey on the day – but why not make that a part of your every day?  If you’re in love with the person or people you’re with, then every day becomes Valentine’s Day!  From cuddling to kissing to spending time together to dates — it doesn’t have to be once a year folks.

I’m just lucky and blessed to be with two incredibly wonderful women that remind me that our love for each other doesn’t come once a February … it’s everyday, every way possible that we enjoy the company we keep.

Interview Questions and Anniversary Musings

This is from my old blog dated January 31, 2004….

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Interview Questions from Jen

1. Do you and your Sir have one special symbol, music piece, or something like that which means something significant to you and he. If so, what is it, and what does it mean to you both? If you don’t… would you want one?

Yes it is the one I post on my journal often. Feels Like Home by Chantel Kreviazuk. For our 5th month anniversary I printed it out with graphics and such and we framed it and hangs in the dining room.

2. If you had to go on the TV FoodNetwork to do a cooking show and had to pick one recipe that you cook fantastically… what would that be and please share the recipe with the rest of us *G*

First, I would never want to be on TV making a recipe….icky…I am sure I would get stage fright and screw up. But lets see…I guess I would probably make Cream Puffs. As it is something I like to make and everyone always likes.

Cream Puffs
1 cup water
½ cup margarine or butter
1 cup all purpose flour
4 eggs

Heat oven to 400 degrees. Heat water and margarine to a rolling boil in a 2-½ quart saucepan. Stir in flour; reduce heat. Stir vigorously over low heat about 1 minute or until mixture forms a ball; remove from heat. Beat in eggs, all at once; continue beating until smooth. Drop dough by scant ¼ cupfuls about 3 inches apart onto ungreased cookie sheet.

Bake 35 to 40 minutes or until puffed and golden brown. Cool away from draft. Cut off top one-third of each puff and pull out any filaments of soft dough. Fill puffs with chocolate cream filling. Replace tops and dust with powdered sugar. Refrigerate until serving time. Refrigerate any remaining puffs. 12 cream puffs.

Chocolate Cream Filling

1 ¼ cup sugar
½ cup flour
3 cups whole milk
3 squares unsweetened chocolate
4 egg yolks
3 tbls butter
1 ½ tsp. vanilla

In a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine sugar and flour. Stir in milk and chocolate. Cook, stirring constantly, until chocolate melts and mixture thickens. Remove from heat and stir in egg yolks. Return to heat and cook 2 minutes more. Remove from heat and stir in butter and vanilla. Let cool before adding to cream puff.

3. Growing up little girls have all sorts of hopes and dreams… did you have a hope or dream that has turned into a reality for you as an adult? If so, what was it, and how has it manifested itself in your adult life?

Yes, being an artist and selling some of my art was one dream and yes that has happened, but I still don’t feel I am where I want to be with my art. I have had many dreams realized…more are just grown-up dreams.

4. If you could have dinner with any one famous, or infamous person, from any time period… who would it be? Why would you choose them? and what would you serve them?

An artist I think….so many to chose from though…Frida Kahlo, Kathy Kollwitz, Marc Chagall, John William Waterhouse, Gustav Klimt, George Grosz, Picasso.

But it is only one, so I guess, right now it would have to be Frida Kahlo because she is a fascination with me at this time. I believe not only would she have some very insightful things to say about her art and art in general, but her life seemed very interesting. So her stories of her life would be really incredible to hear about. Right now my brain is focused on the dinner I am making for Master for our 1 year anniversary – so I guess that is what keeps coming to mind. A salad to start with balsamic vinegar and then Herb and Salt Crusted Roast, Red Potatoes Roasted with onions and herbs, and a sinful dessert…layers of cream cheese and chocolate.

Okay so Master being the smarty-pants He is….says after He reads my answer to this question. Well, Frida speaks in Spanish so you guys would not be able to talk!

Last but certainly not least…

5. What five items would you put in a time capsule to leave behind so that future generations would be able to tell something about who you were and what you were about?

One of my journal’s maybe one with drawings in it as well as written words – a picture of Master and I – Ellington (a Teddy Bear of mine) – a mix cd – The Valkyries by Paulo Coehlo

Update of Life

I suffered from migraines 2 days this week it was not fun. I know it is just from hormonal changes. On Friday we had someone come inspect our furnace – it was a free inspection. Free is good. Right about the time they were suppose to get here – there was a knock on the door. It was 2 people people trying to “sell their religion.” And that really gets on my nerves. I calmly said that they might as well go to the next house. They said “why?”…I said, “because I have my own beliefs.” Which then the next question from them was, “oh don’t you believe in Jesus?” And I said again, “I have my own beliefs…” and went on to tell that I wished they did not come to our house as I was closing the door.

So then there was a knock about 3 minutes later and it was the heating service person…..I was on the phone with Master telling Him about it. He thinks I give them a hard time – but He laughs about it. Master is so nice chit chatty with them, but for some reason I see them and instantly get peeved.

This week was kind of down for me with my period and the migraines. But Master did spank me the other night. It was very nice and very relaxing for me. Master has been really patient with me this week and I am very grateful. Everything feels like I could cry at the drop of a hat this week. And have been lol

I have been battling with my bread machine each week. The loaf is always sunken…altitude ya know. Anyway, I got some tips on what to do and I thought this last time it would be perfect as it was getting closer and closer each time I made a loaf. But it still sunk a little – not as much so I am getting closer. It just is getting frustrating!

Master has been busy with work today so I have been online. It has been nice to just veg in front of the computer. It is like most people veg in front of a tv I do that with a computer/internet.

Tomorrow is Master and my 1 year anniversary.

To think of it…it actually seems we have been together for long then a year. It feels like sometimes we have been together forever. It is that warm comforting feeling.

Master and I came together feeling this knowing that wow…we are meant for each other. And at times we were scared thinking that other shoe would drop, but as a good friend pointed out to us. We just needed to tie the other shoe on. And we did.

We have not looked back since. It is very strange to have this person in the world that I can be completely myself with….who I know will always be there….who knows how to be with me without trying. Does that make sense?

I love and adore Him. I became His a year ago tomorrow….and I am so happy to be His….

I hope He allows me to serve Him for years and years!

Packing List…

We are going to a kinky gathering tomorrow.  I was checking my list of things to pack/bring….

Pasta Salad
Spoon for salad
Plates, silverware, mugs
Hot Cocoa and Tea
Paper Towels
Ziplock bags
Bottled Water
Ibuprofen, Inhaler, allergy meds
Garbage Bags
Winter coats, earmuffs, gloves

This list amuses me….because of course it seems like a regular old list for people going on a picnic/camping. But right there in the middle you can see a few things that aren’t regular camping items.Looking forward to getting together with like minded people tomorrow.

Necktie on the Doorknob

Master had a rare appointment this afternoon where he had to wear a tie. I set his clothes out and hung the tie over the closet doorknob.

This is the convo we had as he got dressed:

Him: does the a tie over the doorknob mean you want sex?
me: I always want sex, but technically that tie is on the closet doorknob so not sure that means the same thing.
Him: that means you want to be locked in the closet.
me: mmms yes I think that is it Master.

Yes I love sex and it turns me on, but the thought of being locked in the closet turn me on more. I think I might be kinky.

Edit to add: My first thought that came to me when thinking of being locked in the closet was Master having sex with someone while I was locked in the closet.

Hiding the Toys

I am cleaning house right now.  I have been reorganizing and purging things as I go…I started in the fall during my regular fall cleaning, but with some other priorities and my pain getting in the way I wasn’t able to complete it. So I started it again now. I will go through Christmas things when I take them down to see what things were left in the boxes that I didn’t put up, what things we weren’t thrilled with that were up (thinking of 2 things in particular), and donate those too. I got rid of some Christmas stuff last year too and that really actually felt good this year when I was putting things out. It was more simple and that was nice.

But the main reason I am into a big cleaning thing right now though is my parents are going to visiting shortly after the new year.  My Mom is the type of Mom that can’t sit still so if she sees something that needs to be cleaned she will clean it. She doesn’t really white glove things, but I do know it goes through her head that she wonders why something isn’t as clean as she would have it – I saw her do this at my sister’s home. So I am kind of being obsessed about getting things in order so she won’t have anything to do here. My Mom also is the type that she isn’t really snoopy, but she likes to look at how people have things decorated and likes to just look around. She won’t be opening drawers or anything, but walking into our bedroom just because she wants to see how it looks – since she hasn’t been here in a while – isn’t beyond her.

before parent proofing

In October, we got a new bed.  I  know she will want to see it.  Because we have described how tall our bed is now so she will be curious which means she will go into the bedroom – so today I am parent proofing the bedroom.

We have a hat rack with floggers, whips, crops and canes hanging off it. Now robes and coats are covering them all. Master has an armoire that has his clothing on one half and the other half is full of baskets and bins of kinky toys. I labeled all the bins and baskets this year so they have tags that say rope, restraints, chain, spanking implements and so on. When the doors are open, you can see all the little tags clearly. It will be closed, but just in case it is open or she does happen to open it, I am feeling the need to have some things moved/covered a little more. I  reorganized within the armoire to have clothing stacked in front of the baskets and bins so you can’t see the labels and it is dark enough at the back of the armoire that you can’t make out what is in the baskets.  

I have books and sex toys all around the room that will have to be put on lower less noticeable shelves or in drawers. For Christmas I got an 9 inch vibro realistic cock from Eden Fantasys and it is sitting on a dresser. Very pretty and very big – so unmissable (can’t wait to play with it!).

before parent proofing

All this though is bothering me slightly because….I am an adult.  I have been adult for a long time now – as I am 45.  So my question within is why bother because this is who I am…..but at the same time I don’t want to make my parents uncomfortable and if you walk into the bedroom although most of the things are not obvious – if you look long enough you will see it.  Especially all the sex toys. I have the njoy pure plug sitting on its box on a shelf just below eye level. The violet ripple glass butt plug, the Dukes (ben wall balls) and several books such as the Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage and the Beauty series are all out. We have fetish coffee table type picture books on a night stand.  So if you are standing in the room for more then just a moment or two you will start to notice these things. 

So is it a so what if they see or is it cover it up because they are your parents and out of respect for them….keep it hidden?  Do you hide things from family and friends – even if they know or just with those that don’t know?  Or just keep it out and let the questions come out – if they dare to ask?  

Right now I am in the stage of cover it up – I don’t want to make them uncomfortable. But as I said it is bothering me slightly that I can’t just be me.