Slave Skills

These were questions asked on A Place for Slaves on FetLife. It is a good group of slaves with good discussions. For this discussion the OP was asking only for active skills such as sewing or gardening so I don’t mention other skills such as being flexible (not physically, but more like rearranging my schedule on a moments notice because Master’s schedule changed and now he needs me to do something else.)

What skills do you possess that you have found to be beneficial to your slavery?

Domestic, household management, organizational, person assistant, girl Friday, web design, graphic design, research, travel planning/packing, entertaining, hostess, personal care, communication, arts & crafts, and sexual.  I have had quite a bit of life experience and personality traits that have been beneficial to being a slave.

What are some skills do you think could be beneficial in general to learn as a slave?

I think general domestic, communication, organizational skills are good, but really go with your passions. Building on them are a good place to start.

Did your master require you to learn any specific skills?

Yes he has to help him in his business learning various skills from filming to quick books.

If you knew you wanted to be a slave before being owned, did you go out of your way to learn skills you thought would be useful as a slave?

Yes, I have taken classes on massage, wine, cooking, natural cleaning, budget planning, menu planning – but many of these I wanted to learn and hoped I would find a way to put what I learned to use in serving.

How did you determine that you wanted to learn those specific skills?

Again I learned them just because I wanted to learn them. Every d-type is different so will need or want different skills…so just taking classes might or might not be of use in serving. But for me personally I like learning new things so that they ended up being things I could use was just a bonus.

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