Service Oriented Resources

General Service
Service Checklist
Simply Service – a newsletter that isn’t being published anymore, but are archived on Submissive Guide.
Idiot’s Guide to Service – A good guide for d-types and having a service-oriented s-type
Sustainable Service – a good read so you know how to sustain your service
Apps to help with service
How to serve a Self-Sufficent Dominant
How to Top Your Master
Service doesn’t mean Free Labor
The Many Faces of Thanks
Service Beneath the Surface
The Benefits of Pragmatism
Kink of the Week: Service

Domestic and Household Service
Domestic Servitude – a blog I have with a group of co-authors that covers a variety of information that fall under Domestic Service
Domestic Servitude Group – this is a group that I run on FetLife. If you have questions, want to share tips and tricks for domestic service please join. You have to be a member of FetLife to gain access. Membership is free.
A Guide for Edwardian Servants – again not a D/s site but some good info on it for service slaves
Butler’s Guild – good service information
The Complete Servant  by Samuel and Sarah Adams
The Insider’s Guide to Household Staffingby David M. Gonzalez
A Butler’s Life: Scenes from the Other Side of the Silver Salver Kimberly Allen
Professional Table Service by Sylvia Meyer, Edy Schmid, Christel Spühler
Entertaining with Eleganceby Genevieve Antoine Dariaux
Dinner Is Served: An English Butler’s Guide to the Art of the Tableby Arthur Inch, Arlene Hirst
Household Companion: The Home Book Of Etiquette – this is a book published in 1909.  It is online and contains interesting information
Service Book by Joshua Tenpenny –  it is basically a butler’s book. It has info in it for you to fill out – such as account numbers and phone numbers for paying bills, favorite drinks & foods.  There is a preview available to get a peek at it before ordering.

Groups on FetLife
Bootblacks – a group for female bootblacks to ask questions, share information
Service Oriented Slave – although geared towards slave – still a place for asking questions and sharing information on service
Service Tops and Bottoms
Cigar Service
Communication, Service and Protocol
Simply Service – same as the newsletter I mention above, has a quiet, but good group

Health and Beauty
Beginners Guide to Yoga
Food Cravings – What do they mean
Holistic Online
Meditation Tips

Intimate Service
Anal Sex: The Questions
Erotic Massage
Exploring Massage
Giving and Receiving Erotic Massage
Learn to Give a Sensual Massage
Multiple Orgasms without Ejaculating
Tantric Massage for Lovers

Personal Care
The Art of Manliness – Shaving
The Art of Shaving
Barber straight razor demonstration / tutorial shave
Straight Razor How to – Part 1 of 8
Bath Ritual
Japanese Bath Ritual
Body Service
How to Tie a Four-in-Hand Necktie knot
How to Trim a Moustache
How to Tie a Bow Tie
The Art of Manliness – Dressing & Grooming – just so much great info for men on how to dress and groom that can be translated to someone being in service to a male
The Art of Manliness – How to Build a Wardrobe – Part 1 of 4 – links to the other parts at the end of Part 1