Painslut vs. Masochist

I believe there is a difference between being a painslut and being a masochist. I believe you can be both, one or the other, or none. Or maybe something else all together.There are times when I am being flogged, paddled, or caned, where I am feeling pain but wanting the session and/or am just trying to endure it for my Dominant. I feel the pain. It hurts and then it turns to pleasure. The pain hurts – and as it goes on each stroke or whack then it turns to pleasure. And I then want that pain so that pleasure keeps going on. I crave to feel the pleasure I get from the pain. I become a slut for the pain. So, I believe that is a painslut. A painslut takes the pain and turns it into great, intense pleasure and becomes a slut for that pleasure.I am masochist as well as a painslut. I believe a masochist craves pain and wants to feel it- the pain. As a masochist, I want to feel as each lash of the flogger hits me, each stinging strike of the cane, each hard thud of the heavy paddle. I want to feel the pain pound through me each time the implement strikes my flesh. I want to feel the pain.I feel that pain, crave the pain and need it. I don’t believe that I get pleasure from it. Because I suffer and I enjoy that suffering. Even though I am sure it would be hard to tell I am enjoying suffering. It probably looks like I am in pain.

So my definitions are a painslut turns the pain into pleasure and then wants that pleasure derived from pain. And a masochist craves to feel the pain for its own sake.

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