Noteworthy Words

These are essays that aren’t written by us, but we wanted to share. We think they might be helpful and give other perspectives that might be valuable to some.

Just a few excerpts from some essays with a full list of essays on the sidebar menu.

“Search inside yourself for what you really want, and when you find it, be honest to anyone you talk to. Don’t agree to something long-term that you know you will not be able accomplish. Ask yourself some hard questions.” –  So You Want to be a Slave?


“As we all learn and grow, we find that we change. Most times this growth is for the better. However, sometimes we tend to become narrow minded and start believing our way is the only way. Usually, this change is where problems and arguments arise.”  – Your Kink My Kink


“But hey, we’re “super-sub.” We can handle that and make it look so easy that Sir, believing that the service ability of a good sub is a terrible thing to waste, piles on a few more tasks for you to do in your “spare time,” whatever that is. But hey, we’re “super-sub,” we can handle it. So you reach down inside yourself, find that last ounce of energy that you’ve hidden away, and keep on going.” – Have I lost my desire to be submissive?