100 Things About Him

1.) I played drums for 14 years.
2.) I wear boxer briefs
3.) I loved math in high school and hated it in college
4.) I’m a nerd
5.) I love Long Island Iced Teas
6.) My first personal computer was a Commodore 64
7.) My first airplane ride was to California — visiting Disneyland
8.) I nearly threw-up after riding a roller coaster at Disneyland
9.) I outed Myself to My sister
10.) I used to read “Entertainment Weekly” religiously
11.) I was asleep when the 9/11 attacks were occurring
12.) My first car was a Toyota MR-2
13.) I love sunsets
14.) My favorite cereal is Lucky Charms
15.) I dislocated My shoulder and My knee growing up
16.) I’ve been hospitalized several times — had more surgeries than I can count.
17.) I had a bad acne problem
18.) I wore braces
19.) Spooky was the name of the first cat I remember growing up
20.) My first public dungeon experience was the Labyrinth
21.) I had a piqued interest in bdsm at the age of 13
22.) I own multiple domains and operate multiple businesses
23.) I’m an avid video game player
24.) My first exposure to bdsm was from an old Playboy advertisement
25.) My nickname has been Spooner for the last several years
26.) I’ve played a naked card game
27.) I have done karaoke and find the experience to be humiliating
28.) Beef stroganoff has been My favorite meal
29.) My first RT bondage experience was my girlfriend when we were 18 years old
30.) I’m the youngest of three
31.) I’m a trekkie, Star Wars, superhero and all around sci-fi fan
32.) I still believe we are inside The Matrix
33.) I landed in Los Angeles the morning after the Lakers clinched the NBA title in 1988
34.) My profession of choice requires me to be sociable … when I feel like I’m not very good (My girl begs to differ)
35.) My first job was at Arbys lasted exactly 5 days
36.) I remained at my main career for over a decade before leaving and starting my own business(es) (figure out how I got #25??)
37.) The longest stint I had of being sick was 3 months
38.) I loved college
39.) I worked as a night auditor while going to school and performing an internship
40.) I long desire to travel to the upper northwest part of the country
41.) I’m Irish
42.) I’ve never read the Lord of the Rings books – yet I own them
43.) I multi-task, but I’m often distracted
44.) Wait, what?
45.) I went to four straight Thunder in the Mountains
46.) I love Santa Fe
47.) I really despise drama
48.) I used to drink a lot of soda – now I drink a lot of coffee
49.) I’m almost totally deaf on one side, partially deaf on the other
50.) I drive aggressively
51.) I’ve played golf twice
52.) Cotton and lace undergarments are horrible on a woman
53.) I’m very protective of those I care about most
54.) I have a spandex fetish
55.) My most memorable concert was performing in “Rhapsody in Blue”
56.) My sister outted herself out to me almost a year after I outed myself to her
57.) I love BBW’s
58.) Sometimes I just want to smack the crap out of someone who deserves it
59.) I’ve been in a fist fight only once in My life
60.) I was a pretty good racquetball player
61.) My high school mascot was “The Trojans” (yes, insert lame contraceptive joke here)
62.) I’m a liberal even though I often don’t think along the lines of a true democrat
63.) One of my favorite board games is Scrabble
64.) I’ve walked outside the White House
65.) I’ve been in a cavern that had bats
66.) The longest road trip I’ve been on was to Ohio
67.) I’m grateful to be self-employed, but it has brought a new set of stresses up
68.) Photography is my passion
69.) My first rock concert was U2
70.) I once stole my dad’s car to see My girlfriend 400 miles from home (yeah, he was pissed)
71.) Wine is a good thing
72.) I believe in P.R.I.C.K., R.A.C.K. and S.S.C. in that order.
73.) I dislike reality shows
74.) I’m a visual learner
75.) I’ve been married
76.) I have no desire to have children
77.) The Denver Broncos are my favorite team
78.) I wrote and performed My sister’s wedding march
79.) I used to like flying to destinations rather than driving/riding.  That is now 180 degrees opposite.
80.) I don’t buy that Oswald acted alone
81.) Sometimes I look at people and wonder exactly how they arrive at some of their insane conclusions about the world around them
82.) I LOVE breakfasts
83.) I’m that person that wants to know why things work the way they do … and not just accept the rationale of others
84.) I’ve worked on several high profile matters
85.) I no longer can read and enjoy novels
86.) I once drove 100mph while passing a line of cars for 3 miles
87.) I don’t believe in corporeal punishments in M/s dynamics
88.) I’ve had a crush on Sara Rue
89.) I love to play pool
90.) I once dreamt of being an astrophysicist
91.) I enjoy using my hands and fingers most in scenes
92.) I refer to the headspace I go into as “the beastie.”
93.) There’s nothing like a hooded, bound slave at my side
94.) I carefully choose my associations – for multiple reasons
95.) I don’t like for my time to be wasted
96.) The most surprising thing to know about me is that I love to burn scented candles to relax
97.) My gaze can be very intense
98.) I’m empathic and sometimes have troubles shutting it off
99.) It’s not perfection, but I always think I could do better on a project than I ultimately end up doing
100.) I chuckle at those that think they’ve found the meaning of life – after having been in the lifestyle for two weeks and have owned 4 slaves in that time.

Updated February 19, 2014