M/s and D/s

Thoughts and experiences shared about Master/slave relationships and Dominance and submission. There is no one way to do M/s or D/s.  Discussing and Reading books, essays, online forums can help you formulate what works best for you.  Take some time to figure out what you want and need from this lifestyle.

Just a few excerpts from some essays with a full list of essays on the sidebar menu.

Life comes with bills, the flu, dishes, and laundry, getting the car serviced, taking the trash out, going to work and so much more. Plus then add in kids if you have them and then you have less time. And everything keeps going no matter if you are in a D/s relationship. It means there is no 24/7 bondage, S&M and sex. It means living life the best we can do and trying to add in things to keep that focus of the power exchange. It is keeping it real within reality. ~ ~ Living Life within Reality Part 1


Compatibility to us is crucial in making a relationship work. Before getting into a M/s or D/s relationship, think about if you are compatible without the S&M and sex. We say that because we have seen so many relationships fizzle when life gets in the way (flu, bills, work, and kids). You need to be able to get along and want more then the S&M and sex. So we don’t mean that you should just make sure you are compatible via BDSM checklists and essays out there. Measuring compatibility should not stop at just those things….it should be taken into all areas of life. Do you like the same movies? What are you political views? Do you want kids? ~ ~Living Life within Reality Part 2


“Search inside yourself for what you really want, and when you find it, be honest to anyone you talk to. Don’t agree to something long-term that you know you will not be able accomplish. Ask yourself some hard questions.” –  So You Want to be a Slave?


The D/s might be turned down a bit but it is NEVER turned off. It can be turned back up when and how my Master prefers it. The way we do that is by having different levels of Protocols – different levels of intensity in the D/s. My Master determines my behavior and the protocol levels. ~ ~ Life as a 24/7 Slave


“But hey, we’re “super-sub.” We can handle that and make it look so easy that Sir, believing that the service ability of a good sub is a terrible thing to waste, piles on a few more tasks for you to do in your “spare time,” whatever that is. But hey, we’re “super-sub,” we can handle it. So you reach down inside yourself, find that last ounce of energy that you’ve hidden away, and keep on going.” – Have I lost my desire to be submissive?