Little Things

Often it is the little things that make me smile…

Master walking by me, grabbing my hair tightly, and spinning me around to kiss me while I am doing dishes

Him whispering mine in my ear when we are standing in a busy checkout lane at the grocery store.

Being able to hand him the very thing he is looking for even though he hadn’t verbalized he was looking for it.  Seeing his eyes light up and smile at me like i am his good girl.

Sometimes it is very vanilla things like….washing dishes with a handmade dish cloth a good friend made.

Having 15 minutes of quiet after a stressful day.

A good friend texting out of the blue just because.

Tonight my domestic side was touched in that way.

This weekend we bought new sheet. I laundered them today and pulled them out of the dryer tonight to put on the bed. I started to look for that tag that hides in one corners, but instead saw a tag half way between corners. It read “side” – I squealed so loudly that Master thought something was wrong.  I replied in excitement that there were tags on all four sides marked: 2 marked sides, 2 marked top/bottom.  It made this domestic service oriented person smile and sigh with joy. I know it doesn’t really enhance Master’s life, but certainly makes my life easier in serving him.  Shaving time off wrestling sheets.

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