It’s a marathon

Recently someone make the comment about the three of us still being immersed in NRE.  I get why they believed that, but part of me just stopped and wondered: “how long does NRE last?”

So like other “experts” out there I googled to find out.  🙂

Inevitably I liked what some folks said about it being a constant state of energy – period.  Whether it ebbs or flows, waxes or wanes … we’re inevitably going to have X amount of energy in a relationship at any time.  X is variable and hence changes from one moment to next.  For example, we probably have more energy when we’re cuddled, watching movies, having dinner, walking, sharing a sunset … than compared to when we’re putting in the last three hours of an eight hour day when the energy may not be that strong.

Real life happens.

When will the NRE fade?  I’m not entirely sure.  Maybe it reaches that point the relationship becomes a negative energy force.  If that’s the case, then it’s likely there’s something else horribly amiss going on.

danae and I have had our ups and downs the last eleven years, but the reality is that we’re still so very much in love with one another and can’t imagine being apart.  Isn’t that part of the NRE equation as well?  This doesn’t mean that problems and arguments don’t arise … they do.  But it also means that we approach our relationship just like a runner approaches a marathon:

The muscle cramp doesn’t mean we should stop running the marathon.  It means we treat it through hydration, treatment and preventive care so that we can work through the pain.  So that we can continue our long run and do better tomorrow, the next day, the next month and year.

When you’re a duration runner, stopping occasionally to repair your muscles and catch your breath isn’t a sign that you’re failing.  You’re merely doing what’s necessary to get back into the race. If it takes you 10 hours, 10 days or 10 years to run your marathon – who cares?  You’re doing what feels most right to you.

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