Essays for Service Oriented Submissives

Essays gathered from our website about service.  Service is Danae’s passion. She enjoys writing about it as well as reading about it.  Many of these essays are written by her, but she has also gathered some on the topic that she enjoyed and hopes others will as well.

Just a few excerpts from some essays with a full list of SERVICE essays on the sidebar menu.  This collection of essays range from general service info, how-to, and mindset.

“Make sure you think about process.  Are you making or doing something in a way the d-type prefers or are you just defaulting to how you usually make it or do it?  Little details can make all the difference.  So think about every things you do…go through the steps and process and to check if it matches the d-types preferences. ” –  Question the Details


Our lives look very vanilla from the outside, but with the expectations he has, the control he has and my intention behind everything I do – my day is filled with M/s as the foundation. It is there while I unload the dishwasher at 1am. – A Day in the Life of a Slave


I wanted to enhance his life and make his life easier when the rest of his life was so out of control and so hard on him. – Serving when it is Hard


I serve Master 24 hours a day 7 days a week – face to face and it is hard work. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it.  It doesn’t mean I lack the passion for it because it’s hard work, but one can achieve levels of burnout from over doing and giving it so much that it just wears one down.  – Burn Out