House Cleaning

Keeping a home cleaned and clutter-free starts with an attitude of respect….respect for the Owner’s home and the objects in it as the slave/submissive respects the Owner. One key skill I bring Master is organization. Each item in a house has a function — it can be practical or sentimental. Master agreed only the most useful and meaningful things should be kept. If every surface is covered with “stuff” it can be distracting to those living in the home. I like to keep Master’s home as clutter free, organized and clean so that it keeps him able to focus on all the important things in his life. So being a domestic slave I respect Master’s home by keeping it clean, clutter-free and organized by using these tips, tips posted on Domestic Servitude blog, and the book Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House by Cheryl Mendelson.

  • Pet Hair – Put on a wet rubber dishwashing glove and wipe your hand over surfaces and the hair will stick right to it and ball up.
  • Magic Erasers – they really are great on soap scum, cleaning out sticky spills in refrigerators and marks on floors or walls
  • Clutter Free – Never leave a room without taking something with you and put it where it belongs.
  • Natural Cleaning Solution – see Domestic Servitude for Natural Cleaning
  • Cleaning Rags – Microfiber anti-static clothes are good for surfaces that you don’t want to scratch or electronic equipment you don’t want to create static around especially when living in a very dry area where static can ruin electronic equipment.
  • Gargage Disposal – Put cut up lemons or lemon peels down your disposal – it makes the kitchen smell nice
  • Spring Clean your Pantry and Cupboards – I suggest doing one section at time. Such as I do all the cupboards with the pots and pans, get them back in order and then move to the ones with dishes and so on. I empty the contents onto a cleared table. I then spray the shelves with my vinegar water solution and wipe clean. If extra-dirty, I let the solution sit on the spots for a bit and use a scrubber sponge or magic eraser. I also wipe down the outside of the cupboard and pantry. Remember handles and door knob. Sort through the items that you have pulled out of the cupboards and pantry. Toss out those plastic cups from fast food place. I make sure everything is in proper working order such as no chips in glasses or plates. If there is anything I don’t ever use I set it aside. Food items – I discard anything that has expired. And again if I find items that I don’t use but are still good – I set them aside also. Anything set aside gets donated to local food pantries, shelters and such. On Domestic Servitude has printable lists for Spring Cleaning, plus other tips and how-to’s
  • Travel Size Toiletries – I used to have a job where I traveled a lot and I would make it a habit to clean out my bathroom drawers and fill a bag with travel-size soaps, shampoos, and other toiletries that I got at hotels to give to a local shelter.  If you like to hang on to them, make sure you put them in a container or even a pretty jar on the counter so they will get used.
  • Trash Bins – Keep your garbage containers cleaned and rinsed- to stop mildew and mold sprinkle 1/2 cup Borax in the containers.
  • Homemade Soft Scrub – Mix vinegar with baking soda to form a paste
  • Plastic Food Containers – Protect your plastic food storage container from being stained by spraying them with cooking spray before storing things like tomato sauce that can stain. I have moved away from plastic container for food storage almost completely. I have a 7 piece glass storage set  that is perfect for leftovers (14 pieces with lids). I do keep a few Ziplock plastic containers around so that when I sent people home with leftovers they don’t need to worry about getting me a container back.
  • Cleaning Microwave – Put a little bowl of vinegar in the microwave and heat for a minute or two depending on how dirty it is and then wipe clean. If there are a few stubborn spots I will use some of the warm vinegar directly onto the spots. BEWARE that the smell is very strong so open the door and back away so that you aren’t breathing strong vinegar steam.
  • Dishwasher – sort silverware as you load the dishwasher put all the forks in one section of the silverware container….knives in another, and so all you have to do is pull the bunch of forks out and so on.  Photo here on Domestic Servitude.