Gwen: Looking down the abyss (pt 1)

Of course she resisted.

Being painfully restrained assisted. The bite of the leather digging into her tender wrists. The unforgiving chain taut – almost laughing at her feeble attempts to pull free. She wasn’t going anywhere.

The lights were low, except for her – front and center which she hated.

Gwen of course couldn’t say anything as the duct tape prevented anything more than what could be summoned from her throat. Her head thrashing uselessly side to side as though that was going to dislodge the sticky strip from her mouth. Her heart raced inside her heaving naked chest. Drips dribbled slowly out of her pussy as she sensed it, smelled herself enjoying things.

She was lost and oblivious to where he was after being enamored with her predicament – nothing else mattered.

Gwen didn’t put up much of a fight as she relished the opportunity to bear his chains once more. It was peaceful for her – being kept in such a state.

M’s footfalls could be heard behind her.

“Shit!” was the second to last thought she had before he leaned over and viciously ripped the tape off her lips. “Fuck!” she uttered before her world went black. The leather hood quickly succumbed her to a state of darkness, a state of fear, a state of the unknown. A state of being – existing – she felt her humanity slowly fading into the darkness. She felt the tug and tussle of the leather adjusting to the contours of her skin. The laces she felt drawing the leather even tighter against her head.

She struggled slightly to find her air source, but she knew he already found them for her. It was her mindfuck that made her forget as she continued to focus on her breathing.

Her thoughts raced … then dulled.

She had no source – no input – no external stimuli.

She slowly continued to evolve.

Thoughts of work, family brunch and a to do list which had been growing – suddenly didn’t matter. Nothing mattered. The hood made sure about that.

As the lacing continued down the backside of her head, she felt M’s touch on the side of her cheek, brushing against the leather layer of her imprisoned head. She quietly mewed to herself. Her body was becoming more aware that her world was slowly flowing away.

Gwen knew what this mean to him. The objectification. The dehumanization. It was all in the mind for him. To be a toy. A thing. An it. Anything and everything was possible when there’s no identity to refer to, no pride to hold onto, a very distant pale representation of who she really was.

She lost track of time. Her breathing consumed her. Her fate was sealed and encased in soft leather.

M stood back – admiring his work. Her head bowed slightly, still adjusting to it’s faceless prison. He grabbed a leather collar and wrapped the sturdy binding around her neck, snug – but could’ve been a lot tighter. He then pulled out a silver lock – appropriately named “Master” of course – as the hoop was clicked shut.

Gwen momentarily lost track of everything until she heard and felt the click. Her head raised slightly – then lowered once again after realizing any attempt to complain was moot at this point. Her head and mind – slowly drifting into oblivion.

M smiled as he went to sit on the edge of the bed. The lights still pressing down on his beautiful slave. He was proud of her. The months of discovery, to get to know one another, followed by the collaring and commitment to one another – all in whirlwind fashion – has been really something. The realities of the world will always circulate around them – that’s just how life goes – so precious time like this makes it worth it to get lost for an hour or a day … just being ….

Gwen stirred slightly in her bonds. Her resistance was waning … as her acceptance began taking firmer hold.

M marveled at her beauty. Her naked – beautiful form. Her breasts – yearning for attention – but dearly afraid at what the sadist will dish out. Her curves – so wonderfully accentuated by the bold bright light shining down on her from up above. Her head aimlessly sways – almost trying to discern what’s happening – unable to resist. Not wanting to resist.

Going … deeper …. darker.

It’s not the first time she has been in a hood or that they’ve played together with them. Gwen didn’t really like them at first. She hated anything on her head and the thought of being an object offended her to no end. It was something she fought against – almost every time M pulled it out. The training was relentless. She had already given him blanket consent and there were a lot of conversations about hood and objectification before she surrendered that to him.

What Gwen didn’t expect was how erotic it was to almost look at things through a primal lens. It allowed her to become something she wouldn’t normally be. When things became eroticized for her – well, that just made it that much more special. Suddenly – being in the hood also allowed her pussy to come alive … and alive it does – throbbing – aching.

She loved him and hated him for it simultaneously. That inner battle raged on at first when her defiance and humanity filter kicked on. She would bite at him if she could – but eventually she succumbed to whatever M did to her – and he pulled her out of that head space – where she eventually forgot what she was upset at him for in the first place.

“Damn him.” Gwen would think to herself.

M checked his watch.

He got up and positioned himself directly in front of her. M undid her right wrist cuff entirely so her leather marked wrist was free. Gwen knew better than to thrash around Рso she quietly pulled her arm up to get circulation going again before laying it back down. M pulled her hand towards him slightly, she complied. He put something in her hand Рbut she had no idea what it was. It felt cool to the touch and somewhat round. Gwen thinks she figured  out the piece of PVC pipe in her grasp. She grinned under the leather Рanticipating what was to come.

M deftly applied athletic wrap – to then be covered by strips of duct tape. Gwen’s hand became cocooned in the wrap and tape. She attempted unsuccessfully to dislodge the plastic within her taped bondage. After he was complete, he against secured her wrist back into the cuff before switching to the other wrist and repeating the same thing.

Once both hands were encased, he again sat back on the bed – letting her new found attachments adjust to her. He observed her flexing the embedded pipe with the limited ability she could.

M sat there for several minutes just looking at her. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the remote control. Unbeknownst to her, the bullet vibe taped to her clit sprang to life.

“MMmmmmmmmmmmph” was all she could muster as her head flew back. Her hands attempted the same position, held taut by the chain once more. Shaking, her breath quickened and any attempt of squeezing her hips together were pointless by this time. It didn’t take her long to release into an orgasm … then another quickly followed.

This continued for several minutes as Gwen got used to the intense pulsation happening on her clit. Each orgasm sent her head back or down – her arms and legs pulling hopelessly against its bonds.

… until.

M produced a second remote – something Gwen forgot was attached.


“FMMMMMMMMMMMMARGPH” M deciphered as “FUCK” within Gwen’s leather hood. Her head shaking violently as she let loose an intense orgasm at the exact same time – squirting all over her, the chair, the floor. The shudders continued for several seconds as the recessed bullet and shock collar were turned off.

Gwen’s breathing was very heavy at this point. M carefully as her trembling became slightly more manageable and her heaving chest came back to normal. M’s big smile couldn’t be seen by his helpless captive, but she was completely lost within herself to realize whatever the fuck was going on.

Her leather head drooped forward as she continued to focus on her breathing. Her pussy throbbing, her thigh shaking still at the shock that passed through it from the collar affixed around her upper leg. She tried to reign in order internal voices – as the hood was helping her fixate on just herself and nothing else around her.

M placed the remotes back in his pocket as he went over to her with a fixed length of rope. Feeding the rope through Gwen’s clenched PVC taped hands, her hands were going to be leading her for this next segment. Oblivious to anything else going on – she barely noticed anything was happening to her hands.

He quickly undid the chain binding her to her chair. Her wetness was quite evident as was her scent as the ceiling fan gently carried that smell throughout the room. A fix-lengthed hobble was attached to her ankles to continue the feel of bondage. Thankfully there wouldn’t be a need for many steps – though she probably couldn’t walk very far anyway.

He unfastened the leather cuffs from the chair – and affixed another fix-length hobble between her taped hands. Clearly she wasn’t going to need this chain either – but like with everything he does: has a purpose.

M pulled her from her seat – carefully letting her steady herself into him. Cold streams trace down her quivering legs. She couldn’t manage a step. She forgot how. Gwen’s world was swirling as she has no concept of how anything is happening in the world right now. Her mind is devoid of thought, her sense of feeling maxed out completely after the waves of orgasm and the startling life altering shock that sent everything through the roof.

Somehow M managed to get her on the bed and laying down almost exactly where he wanted her. She was oblivious how this happened except to later note: “Holy fuck I’m on the bed – how the hell did that happen?” Her legs continue to shake, her cunt throbbing, her hands almost spastic. She welcomed the release on the bed and how it felt to be in a laying position versus the chair. He had threatened to have her on her toes – but the addition of the shock collar put a kabosh on that idea.

M got in bed behind her. She remained slightly oblivious except for the fact his cock was pretty evident on her backside. She moaned at that discovery and slowly she became to realize her surroundings once again. Gwen’s hands were drawn together by the rope – but her arms were relatively free to do as she wanted.

“Rest my pet.” M said lightly against her head, positioning his cheek against her leather covered ear. She reacted slightly – almost getting nestled into a spot after being thoroughly spent into her orgasmic release. M drew a sheet over her – for which she was immensely grateful for.

She attempted to draw her hands up to her hood – as though to signal for it to come off. Oh how she wanted to be free and in the open – to allow for kisses, water and fresh air.

“Sorry my pet,” M dashed her dreams, “you’re not done by a long shot.”


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