Gwen: Looking down the abyss (pt 3)


The light.


The light.

Her eyes were heavier than she had experienced in quite a while. Each blink seemed painfully difficult to do. Left to her thoughts, Gwen tried to figure out what time it was. The light coming through the window helped her a smidge. Her body ached from top to her toes. Everything in between was exhausted beyond comprehension. She figured with the daylight peeking in – that it was mid-day some time Saturday. With the events that transpired – it could be Wednesday for all she knew.

She grimaced at the thought of moving her arms and legs – and she regretted it. Her muscles were spent, burning, empty. Gwen managed to look down and see that she was under the sheets – her hands free of the duct tape that they were bound in. She was clean – no wet spot – she carefully eyed the room again. She was exactly where she was when she passed out although she had no idea how M changed the sheets and cleaned her up.

“My brain hurts.” she muttered to herself closing her eyes again – bringing her left arm up and over her eyes to protect them from the glow outside.

Gwen drifted off asleep again.

When she came to, M was laying naked next to her – grinning at her.

“Hi.” He charmed her.

Softly she smiled back, stretching her arms straight out – realizing something wasn’t quite right. “Hi,” she said wearily, her expression dampened somewhat. Gwen tried to figure out what changed, what was wrong. There was a slight look of panic in her expression – knowing full well that the smile that looked back at her was anything but innocent.

Her heart raced a bit more as she continued surveying what was different. Gwen shifted a bit – pulling her head upward until …. she nearly choked herself with the leather collar that held her firmly to the bed. Instinctively, she reached up to touch the slightly touch the 1 inch band plied around her neck. Her fingers traced the cool leather to the cold steel lock that connected the chain that she assumed connected to the bed. Wherever it locked to – she wasn’t going very far.

She relaxed somewhat, still unsure but not in full panic. Lowering her head on the pillow – staring up at him with her alluring green eyes. Folding her hands under her her face, her grin turns into a bright smile as she coyishly looks up at him. She marveled at his chest, his arms, his face. Gwen wanted to reach out and touch him, but that would be too forward for her.

M grinned back at her, reaching out with this left hand, pulling strands of her hair away from her face.

“How are you doing?” In a tone that was a far cry from the sadist that unleashed havoc hours earlier.

She smiled up at him “I’m ruined” she purred. He chuckled. M replied with a big smile on his face.

He then reached behind him to get her water bottle that was refreshed with ice water. She sipped on the straw, taking in very long sips to replenish her dehydrated state. After she was finished sipping – he reached and took the bottle and placed it back over on the nightstand. He then reached for something else before turning back over to her holding a chocolate chip cookie folded in a napkin.

Her eyes lit up and her smile was positively glowing as she was taken aback that he remembered the cookie bit at the Starbucks many moons ago now.

She put the cookie up to her mouth – stopping short before taking a bit – looking deeply into his eyes, asking the question with her gaze – asking permission before eating – something she still has issues with remembering … but she’s getting better.

“You may.” He smiled back, studying her as her lips wrapped around the edge of the cookie, biting off a small part and chewing. “God he’s watching me eat” she thought to herself. Crumbs littered the white linen sheets.

The small talk continued, the cookie was consumed and the hydration process was well underway. He revealed to her that it was mid-afternoon actually and that she slept very soundly throughout the night and morning. There was conversation about what happened. Playful banter back and forth. Gwen forgot she was still connected when she went to get up to use the restroom.

“Oooof. Hey, um … I need to pee please.” She pleaded.

“I know you do.” He retorted. Her cheeks immediately blushed. M continued his long stare at her – seeing that she was getting more uncomfortable as the seconds ticked off. Gwen couldn’t hold her gaze up at his – feeling her bladder filling up and the inability to just up and go … yeah – embarrassment city for the girl.

After several minutes, her blush gave way to the really uncomfortable feeling growing inside her

“I really need to go, M – please!”

“I know you do.” He calmly replied.

She was getting more frustrated, more pained and her patience was getting the best of her.

“Try again.” He calmly stated.

“What the hell?” she thought to herself. Puzzled, Gwen recalled the last few minutes and then – almost like a lightbulb moment it came to her.

“May I please use the restroom?” she asked.

“Yes you may” as he reached behind her and undid the chain locked to the bed frame. She smiled at notion she got the right answer, erm question – and then realized that he had the length of chain still in his hand. As she scurried around the bed to make her way to the bathroom, M got off the bed and followed her. The tug of the chain reminded her not to go too quickly.

He followed her into the bathroom where she immediately went to assume the position on the toilet. He smiled at her. “God this is embarrassing!” she thought to herself. Suddenly she developed a shy bladder. “No no no no – this isn’t happening!” She buried her head in her hands – trying desperately to pretend he wasn’t there.

“Don’t look. If he can’t see you, he’s not there.”

“Shit! He is.”

“Okay, think of flowing rivers, the sound of the sea. Please!”

“Ugh!” Nothing was coming out.

“He’s still looking at me. Fuck he’s hot standing like that. No no no, focus! Focus!” her thoughts meandered as M’s naked frame was propped in the doorway to the bathroom.

“I can do this. I can do this. Just focus. Concentrate.”

“FUCK! Come on – please!”

“Ahem.” he cleared his throat. “So not helping!” she said internally – not even daring putting that out in the open. Begging for it … aching for it … finally a dribble consisting of a few drops … “God this hurts!” she screams inside until finally her bladder relaxes allowing a small modest flow to happen. “Oh thank God….”  It wasn’t perfect and she probably could’ve gone a lot longer, but she’s happy she got anything at all.

M was thoroughly amused as he has been before – taking away her privacy like that.

Nothing was hers. The surrender, the control. Everything. So things like bathroom privacy, merely reinforces that surrender that much more. He didn’t have to stand and watch her pee – but he did and he likes it because of what it does to her.

As the last few dribbles dripped from her pussy into the bowl. Gwen quickly brought the wadded up toilet paper to her tender bits before standing and flushing in one fluid ballet movement.

M allowed her to finish and then motioned for her to come back into the bathroom. She passed by him with the jingle of her chain as she spun into the bedroom totally flustered she forgot to notice or recognize that she passed by his nakedness.

Gwen made her way to the bed when a slight yank on her collar froze her those tracks.

Nothing was said.

Nothing had to be said.

The tug on her collar guided her to a small pile of blankets on the floor she didn’t see while her great escape to the bathroom. She blushed brightly, but with a big smile as she she knew this was to be her place. Gwen gracefully knelt and brought her legs underneath her as she beautifully situated herself on the white linen and pillows.

M couldn’t help but smile brightly as he reached over her – locking her to the bed frame. It allowed her to have a 10 foot adjustment to where she was – enough to pivot and rotate … but not enough to walk very far.

As she settled in, he was in awe of the captive beauty attached to the bed frame. He visually traced her contours, the shadows from the outside light, the softness of the sheets. The resulting composition in his mind was subtle beauty.

His grinned continued as he stood up and went to his camera bag. Gwen blushed and was somewhat worried as she had been concerned about images being distributed on the internet. Still, there was a trust and the belief that nothing was hers. Her concerns quieted as she settled more into her makeshift nest.

He stood over her with his camera, his cock stirred at the sight of her.

She noticed and blushed somewhat, becoming fixated at his member as he walked around her.

He ultimately positioned himself back over by the chair he was in before. She coyishly tried to play with the camera lens and him. The result were several really hot erotic, enticing photos of his girl chained to the bed with her expression positively aglow. He played with her hair and continued shooting images at various angles. He had her smile, look out a different way from the lens – all very personal and yet erotic hot at the same time.

Gwen cooed to herself as she rested in her bond and gathered bedding. Soon she drifted off asleep again.

Unbeknownst to her, the camera continued shuttering off a few more images in her sleepy state. She was heavenly bound, peacefully ruined and content.

The floor wasn’t the most comfortable rest, but as she awoke from her various cat naps she found M sitting across the room in a chair looking at her. Slightly embarrassed, she coyishly pulled the sheets up around her as though a feeble attempt to protect her modesty. The gaze was particularly intense, but not cruel or bad – just a sadistic smile that causes the toes to curl. Gwen shot back and equally playful grin at him – trying to hold his gaze without folding … which was particularly difficult to do given the intensity aimed at her.

“Hi,” she smiled at him.

Her smile was met by his.

The gazing went on for several minutes before M stood from his chair and the first thing she noticed was that he was clothed and washed up. “I must’ve slept a bit harder than I thought.”

M went over to the bed and sat on the corner just about where her chains were connected to the bed. She followed his movement and was looking over her shoulder at him.

“Hi.” He replied. “I’m going to step out for awhile.”

She froze.

“But you needn’t worry. It won’t be very long. But just in case ….”  He reached down next to the bed and produced … a bucket.

Gwen shrieked in playful terror at the thought … but the seriousness if she had to …. it overwhelmed her and caused her cheeks to swell beet red. God how horrifying!

His evil smile made it even more embarrassing. He stood and placed the bucket in the middle of the floor in front of her. He also reached in his pocked and pulled out her phone – setting it noticeably on the corner of the bed.

“Safety protocols in place.” He said to her, holding her cell phone in his hand before setting it on the side of the bed behind her. That was a code for: use the phone in case of an emergency, no texting or calling or games or surfing or emailing or anything while he was gone – UNLESS – his recognizable text tone “Bazinga!” came through, then she had permission to see what was sent to her. He then flashed the backside of the phone to reveal the key to her lock was taped to the backside if she needed to free herself.

He bent over and kissed her on the top of her head. She reached out and clung onto his leg – hugging it – kissing his shoe before reluctantly letting go. Gwen had no idea why he was leaving – but it was clearly important or significant enough for him to do so. He placed his strong hand atop her head gently stroking her hair. He grinned and then pulled away from her.

Gwen’s stomach dropped as each step away reinforced how she was feeling. The door closed behind him and she all of a sudden felt very sad and alone. She went to adjust herself and found comfort in the collar binding her to the bed.

A big sigh came over her as she curled further into her blanket cocoon.

“I could just sleep,” She said softly to herself. “Not like I’m going to get into anything,” she said with a smile. Her mind then kicked on. Racing just a little. “What could I get into” she started thinking. Anyone observing her behavior from the outside would clearly know it from her mannerism and expression that this was exactly what she was thinking.

An devilish smile overcame her as her hand started feeling her body. She reached up to touch her collar again, playing with the chain that connected her, teasing herself – and her sore nipples grew. Still riding a bit of an endorphin rush, she sighed at how well her life is right now. Gwen giggled at that notion given her current predicament and what transpired in the last 24 hours. “God if people only knew,” she chuckled to herself.

Hours, days and weeks had passed – which realistically was only about 40 minutes, but in “slave in the floor” time conversion it was still a long time.

As she writhed a bit on the floor. It wasn’t particularly comfortable, but she was in the mood to get into something. She scanned the room as a playful cat might do. How apropos given her current state of nakedness, turned on and bondage. She again found her fingers teasing her body as she pulled on her nipples. Gwen closed her eyes to remember how the nipple clamps dug in to her tender teats. She begins to moan, her breath growing more shallow, body curling and squirming as her legs peek out of the sheets into the exposed cool air. Her fingers run down her stomach and start rubbing the ….


A very audible gasp. A shock. She heard nothing. No footfalls, no doors, no car engine coming back. “How?” Gwen strained to listen, being very quiet and holding her breath. A small gulp in her throat.


The automatic reminder text happened again.

She reached up where the phone was and pulled it down to read.

“I didn’t say you could do that.” The message from M displayed.

“Wait, what?” She stared at the screen in disbelief. “How the …” and before she could formulate the question in  her mind another message appeared.

“The answer to your question is yes, I can see you.”

A small “eep” came from her vocal chords as she seriously wondered if he was still in the house with her. No, he wasn’t. She rationally processed that. Gwen knew what she heard and saw. So how did … .another message popped up.

“On the bed is a box. Open it.”

Box? She peeked further on top of the bed to see a square white box with a black bow tied around it. “Ohhhhh, he planned this out.” A bright smile overcame her face as she leaned up and grabbed the fairly heavy box. Anticipating nothing – because she has known M enough to know to expect the unexpected.

She sat the box in front of her folded legs.

Pulling the lead off one end of the bow, the furls of the fabric gave way allowing her access. As she reached for the lid, she hesitated briefly knowing that he could see her expression and everything. Carefully easing the lid up she could make out the white tissue paper carefully wrapping whatever contents was inside. As she pulled the lid away – the smell of leather overtook her. “God I love the smell.” Her eyes closed briefly as she savored in the aroma.

Peeling the tissue back she saw a black leather belt carefully coiled and sitting atop a hand written note that appeared to have instructions. On top of it was another bundle of tissue wrapped items. A pair of black pumps framed the sides of the interior of the box. Pulling out the coiled belt and pumps, she smiled and then raised up the instructions:

“g ~
you will dress yourself.
you will bind yourself.
you will hydrate yourself.
you have 7 minutes.

“Wait, what?” All of a sudden everything was spinning out of control. She tore through the rest of the items trying to figure out everything she had going on.

M, being a bit of a techno-nerd – managed to access a nearby picture frame that read: “7:00”, “6:59”, “6:58”

“Fuck!” She yelled knowing he was watching and enjoying this a little too much.

“Okay I have shoes, I have thigh highs, wrist and ankle cuffs, oh and locks for those cuffs (fucking great), a slip, okay – wait … what’s ….” She pulled out something somewhat foreign to her – but they were rubber panties … “OMG, with a dildo – you’re kidding me!” she yelled out loud.

“BAZINGA!” chimed after her comment – clearly he anticipated her reaction.

“At least I included lube 🙂 ….”

She started chuckling “Thank you!” she yelled out into the empty room knowing full well he could hear this. She glanced at the “clock” which now read “6:45”, “6:44.” “Dammit!” She redirected her attention back at her very intrusive underwear and quickly reached for the small packet of lube that was included. Tearing open the packet she gobbed the whole thing on her hand and quickly began applying it on the impressive phallus.

“Mean. He’s just mean.” Gwen thought to herself as she started sliding on the very conforming, very snug and tight panties. The way the latex clung to her legs, she wished she had more lube. With her lubed hand she rubbed the remaining goo on her pussy – then along her thighs as she worked up the panties. “This. Is. Taking. Forever.” She thought – not wanting to look at the time because that would be bad.

With a gasp, she encouraged the phallic member up into her pussy – which was hard to do on the floor and she couldn’t spread her legs too wide because of the unforgiving latex. But God damn this felt good to her. As the lube and her wetness met, the dildo worked its way inside. She wiggled around some more to pull the latex panties up as high as they could go.

“Oh my God.” She heaved. This thing is massive. The dildo caused her to ache as she teetered somewhat to catch her breath. “Focus dammit, focus. What’s next?” She scanned the floor. Her arousal made her woozy as she still hadn’t recovered from the earlier onslaught. She panted as she found the thigh highs and started to put them on. The ever present phallic reminder made this job a hundred times tougher than normal – oh – and she’s on the clock too. She absentmindedly glanced up and saw “3:22,” “3:21.” She whimpered. The panties took a long time to work on – she hoped she could be expedient with the remaining items.

With her thigh highs pulled up, she reached for the ankle cuffs and she soon realized that this part had gotten pretty automatic. She deftly secured both ankles and then grabbing the unlocked locks from a smaller bag, she locked them on her feet. She repeated the same process for her wrists and Gwen felt invigorated that the time it has taken her to learn how to do the cuffs has really been impressive. She glanced back up at the clock “1:57”, “1;56.”

“Wow!” She thought to herself – that was amazing! “Great! What’s next?” She grabbed the slip and realized with the collar still attached to the bed frame, she’s going to have to go the reverse route on this. She found herself wiggling as best she could – managing to get the soft silky slip over her hips and pulled up to her to her breasts and for a moment she forgot the phallic driving into her internal organs … (or at least that’s how it felt like to her)

With the slip in place, she reached and applied the shoes and looked at the time – the countdown from “0:23”, “0:22”, “0:21.” She let out a big sigh of relief.

“BAZINGA!” the chime went off. She looked at the incoming message.

“you forgot something.”

She quickly looked at the clock “0:08”, “0:07” – “What did I forget? C’mon – think think!!” She dashed to the note but before she could read it the timer went off.

“What did I forget?” she wondered looking aimlessly at the paper – trying to find a clue.

A voice appeared from no where. “Hydration is a very important part of the recovery process is it not?” M stood in the doorway and she completely missed how that happened. The timer was still going off when M pulled out his cell phone and turned it off.

“Yes Sir.” Gwen said meekly. Her disappointment now was setting in. “It was there in front of me and I just didn’t see it.”

M had a feeling that she would miss that crucial nugget – but he imagines she won’t forget it again after tonight. Yeah, he has plans and no – she has no idea what those are yet. He stepped further into the room carrying what appeared to be a hanging dress of some kind although she couldn’t make it out.

He bent over to affix the short hobble chain to her ankles, then kissed her on the cheek as he made his way up to undo the chain that locked her to the bed frame.

“We’re going out,” as he draped the dress on the edge of the bed. “I’m going to hobble your ankles, but you will be free otherwise to freshen up before we go.”

“Where are we going?” she asked.

He turned around.

Saying nothing.

He just looked at her. It wasn’t a harsh look. It wasn’t a mean one or an angry one. Just a look. The look that says: “we’re going out …. I’m going to hobble your ankles, but you will be free otherwise to freshen up before we go” look. That look.

He stood there. Again. Saying nothing. The intensity was there as she didn’t think he even blinked after he turned around.

It took about 20 seconds for Gwen to realize “just get your ass off the ground, do as he says, no further questions.” She instantly broke eye contact with him and began stirring her legs in a way that she could rise up off the floor while wearing the hobble (not as easy as one might think) and adding heels made the whole process even more tricky.

He finally blinked his eyes and adjusted the intensity and mood. Much to her relief, she stood on her 3 inch pumps. She was grateful it was just the 3 inch ones as she hadn’t developed a tolerance for the 4 inch pumps yet. That training was going slowly.

She straightened out her slip and ensured her thigh highs were staying up.

“You have …. seven minutes.” M said with a grin. She got his expression in the mirror – just a split second before the dildo inside her came to life. “Holy motherfu…….. Gah!!!!” she cried out.

“6:56.” He said

“6:55.” He said before spinning on his heels to exit the room to let her continue getting dressed and prepared.

The night …. was just beginning.


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