Gwen: Looking down the abyss (pt 2)




She lost track where she was. The tremors were easing finally as she drifted off asleep in her leather encased hood. It startled her at first, waking in pure darkness, her drool now dripping down the side of her cheek. Gwen went to move her arms – only to realize they were still bound. Suddenly her focus began to re-calibrate where she was and what was going on.

M noticed her sudden shift and drew his left arm around her – spooning her from behind. His nakedness plied against hers. Wetness from the tip of his cock stained her backside. Gwen began shifting and squirming some more – humping – encouraging M’s cock to grow harder, larger.

He smiled at the vision of his pet humping him like that. unable to use the opposable thumbs encased in their duct tape wrappings. “She’s become the very thing she abhors the most” He thought to himself – encouraging her actions – unknowing to her how she was performing. Gwen found her own mindset full of lust, very sexually centric and otherwise pre-occupied with all the sensations. She was reduced to the lowest possible setting at this point: she’s his object of affection and sexual kept play thing.

Gwen quickly lost all sense of reality and was simply operating as a primal animal would. Desperately sexually craving beyond anything she could imagine.


The taped embedded egg on her clip leapt to life once more.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmooooooooooree” she managed to utter as clearly as anything she had said in the last couple of hours. Her ability to reasonably talk was suddenly very difficult for her to do. She couldn’t articulate it – because she had a difficult time even understanding or comprehending her language center. Words and concepts eluded her. She would be so pissed at herself for allowing this – but there’s no way she can even rationalize that thought.

She came again … and again … and again ….

Gwen moved her hands down as if to say “stop,” only to find her arms weren’t moveable anymore. Something kept them from going further downward. She tried moving her legs but something was pulling the hobble chain to the foot of the bed. She was unable to move much except for the humping and slight rotation of the hips that he allowed.

Wave after wave …. the orgasms hit. She gushed herself empty before when she was bound to the chair and she shouldn’t have anything left … but out it came – drenching herself again uncontrollably, the bed is left with a giant wet spot.

Suddenly she clenched – anticipating the violent shock to her thigh to be repeated.

“You know what comes next don’t you.” M quietly relayed to her.

“Nnnnnnnnnnnooo. Nnnnnnnnnnnoo pppeeeeeeeeeeeeez” was all she could muster as she started crying uncontrollably underneath the hood. She thrashed as best she could within the limitations of her bonds to avoid the inescapable shock. Gwen started shaking again.

“You know it’s coming – it’s just a matter of when.” M calmly added.

“Nnnnooooooo Gooooooooooood pppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez” was again the only thing she could muster. The sobs were more pronounced now. The heaving of her chest – drawing in as much air as she could within the confines of the leather hood.

M smiled at her. She of course couldn’t see that.

“I’m going to fuck you – and you will do everything in your power to get me off. If you don’t, I will unload that shock collar onto your thigh. Have I made myself clear?”

Gwen nodded her head excitedly and as quickly as she could. ANYTHING to avoid that fucking shock collar would be much preferable. She pulled on her bondage to try and spread her legs for him – but that was to no avail. She grunted and attempted to pull her hands downward to assist – again to no avail.

“I have to do this. God I have to do this.” raced in Gwen’s mind. “Help me please, please.”

The bondage wasn’t budging. No access was happening.

“I guess you want to shock collar after all.” M toyed.

Her sobs came more frantic now – as she thrashed around trying to award her M with access to her – but it wasn’t happening.

“Okay, it’s going to happen … in 3 …. 2….”

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!” Gwen cried out in the midst of tears pulling feeby at her bondage. The red marks have cut nicely into her wrists and ankles. Her cries subsided. They weren’t as loud, not as frantic. It was as though she was settling down. “Ohhhhhh, wrong move buttercup” M thought to himself.


She lurched upwards into her bonds and the scream was a bit more serious this time. The sobs and cries ride a crescendo – riding to a crest before descending into a melancholy rumble of whimpers and moans as the pain subsides and the shaking returns to her left leg.

He sadistically mulls over her current plight. The beast growling quietly in the background of M’s voice. The tenor and timbre vibrate slightly – and is detected by Gwen somehow – who reacts with a slight gasp. The beast wasn’t supposed to emerge … and that caused her to have a rekindled fear of what’s to come.

“I’m fucked,” she thought to herself.

Seconds became hours it seemed like. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” as she began crying for different reasons now.

Gwen went silent as she struggled to internalize what was about to come. In her darkness, she couldn’t see anything and her hearing was very sub-par. Her body became electric – anticipating anything and everything.

She felt the warmth of his body approaching hers ever so slightly. The hot air from his breath causing turbulent excitement and subsequent hairs to stand up on end. It’s amazing how without a touch – he’s able to affect her body so profoundly that a simple breath on her thigh – can shoot hairs straight up all the way up to her head. Her breathing quickened.

She waited several minutes (actually it was just a few seconds) before she felt something shifting between her legs. Gwen gently moved her leg to reveal it no longer was connected to the bed. The hobble remained but she could finally move. She quickly, instinctively adjusted herself to her knees – a pleading case in offering her ass to him. She settled herself with her chest downward, ass up as high as it could go. Quietly begging him to take her by the ass.


The sting of his hand leaving a welt on her ass – she buried her hooded head deeper into the sheets. Even if it suffocates her – she would rather do that then deal with the beast who has control over the shock collar controller. She quickly recovers and repositions her ass so that it is up in the air prominently.

She feels the contours of his body – slowly plying with her – he reaches down – grabbing her breasts from behind – as his cock making its way and presses against her thigh – just beneath her ass. The grabbing of her tits was rough – and very painful. The grip was relentless as she screamed without sound … for she didn’t want to encourage the beast more ….

M’s cock – inches further upward to her exposed ass. Her cum continues to ooze out of her pussy down her thighs. He lubed his cock before positioning behind her. He releases her pained orbs and pushes himself upward slightly to reposition himself. He grabs her hips. Gwen buries her head further, anticipating the penetration.

Pushing his way through her folds, the tightness of her ass surrounds his hard lubed cock. Gwen moans into her hood as he gets completely inside her. He holds his cock there, twitching, causing her reaction – to twitch in kind. M pulls his cock slowly out – before thrusting it inside again – deeper than before.


“FUCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK” as the nestled vibrator springs back to life. Fucking her, teasing her clit. She almost immediately orgasms again. With each thrust M can feel the vibration on his balls as they slam into her ass. He goes deep again – this time enjoying the vibrating sensation going through the wall of her vagina – emanating throughout her pelvis.

The all too familiar growl comes from his throat as he continues to assault Gwen’s ass. A fuck toy, a thing, a hole to be had – the faceless being has no other accord accept to be the recipient of his pleasure.


“OH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” but it was too late, the intensity of everything happening in a small square foot of her body – the abuse – the pleasure and the pain. Dear God the pain.

That jolt from the attached collar managed to zap M in the process – causing his cock to respond reactively at the same time. The sudden unexpected transfer only fueled his beast more. The lubed and lathered cock forcibly pummeling Gwen’s anus.

The wash, rinse, repeat thing is wearing Gwen down. The orgasms keep coming, but things are hurting. She buries her head into the sheets, nearly asphyxiating her self. The alternating bullet and shock collar has her trembling in every direction imaginable. She forgets everything about the humiliation, degradation or dehumanizing things he’s done to her. She’s merely a toy for his enjoyment.

Finally, after half a dozen repeat cycles, the bullet in her clit begins to give way. All the squirting she has done has made the duct tape loose its adhesion to her mound. She lost count. There’s no way she could tell how many …. GOD AGAIN.

It seemed like forever – the assault lasted forever until …. M started shaking … he legs wobbly …. and explosion …. on the verge and ……

The growl was unmistakenable. The claw marks digging into her soft skin, clenching her close as …. every single thrust shot hot cum inside her. The growl got louder, the claw marks went deeper …. the beast took her …..


Her face contorted in the hood but finally there was no sound as she disappeared mentally deep into the abyss. No one would hear her scream – she didn’t have anything left in  her lungs to offer. She was spent. Exhausted. Kaput.

M dismounted her. The egg fell free landing on the floor next to the bed. His body collapsed next to hers on the wet soaked bed. He reached over and pulled her into him. His cock still oozing with cum, lube and her ass nuggets but she didn’t care. He held her close as he was trying to recover what lasting brain cells remained. The beast gripped her left bicep tightly – as he slowly retreated back into the cage he came from.

His grip loosened slightly. She started catching her own breath – completely oblivious to what just happened.

He reached and unlocked the collar keeping her hood on. That sense of permanence scared her – but centered her. Frightened her – but calmed her. Excited her – but left her numb. A wide range of conflicting paradoxes happening internally. Within a minute the hood was unlaced and she could breathe normally again. She was greeted with a bottled water which she generously lapped up.

“Thank you.”

Gwen kept her eyes closed as it was very painful to go from all black into a fairly lit room. M placed his arm under her ear as she laid her head on him.


Hurting … confused as fuck … but peaceful.

After setting aside the remotes, hood, collar and lock – he reached around her to draw her in. Her mind was peaceful, humming, exhausted. While she became everything she swore she never would, Gwen found that almost freeing in some respects. To let go of her self-pride, to break free of the armor she’s donned during her life.

Her abyss has kept going further, darker, beyond.

He didn’t have to warn her that this would happen. She knew the moment she  surrendered herself to him. Long after they painfully discussed all the elements of consensual non-consent and what times like this might be like.

Even as this became one of the greatest fears she had going into CNC, she feels the emerging rebirth of herself. A sense of knowing where she is in the universe almost. There’s clarity – and almost purity of such a release. Having that kind of unconditional trust – fortified with the love and commitment he has for her.

It seems completely contradictory.

How can love blossom, grow and fortify when there’s such brutality, fear, degradation and inhumane treatment.

As Gwen lies there with cum and lube dripping out of her ass, her pussy all but ruined – she stares out across the bedroom – focusing on nothing particular. Her look is of contentment with her ruined makeup, mascara-stained tears, smeared lipstick. A grin comes over her face. Her blank stare focusing on nothing in particular – she has been used ….

“I’m proud of you,” M cooed slightly to her.

…. and she enjoyed it.

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