Dissecting the sadist

There’s the sadist

… and then there’s the beast.

The sadist is very intense and would be easily classified as: “someone who enjoys his job a little too well.”

…the beast rips pretty things and doesn’t give a flying fuck what happens.

The sadist knows the beast – and holds the keys to the cage. He’s trusted to keep the breast locked away because – you don’t want the beast.

In trying to understand the two halves, it became apparent just how much the sadist has so much fun. There’s an intensity. There’s connection and that allows an orchestra of moans and screams to happen while the canvas is splashed, sliced and otherwise bruised in synchronicity. There’s a soundtrack that goes through his mind, wielded by his hands, canes, whips or any other instrument of choice – carefully drawing out each instrument whose sound echos through the hallowed halls.

There’s an adventure to be had. A dance. A cause and reaction type of exchange that happens when the slice burns into the skin slightly leaving its curved mark that graced the pristine canvas. I’ve previously coined my sadist similar to taking a “magic carpet ride” exploring many different avenues – different edges all within the confines of all things familiar. Each scene is different in their own right, almost like creating a new painting from the same brushes and paints.

It’s the energy. It’s the combination of the experience, the implements, the method, the screams, the reaction that culminates the energy spectrum. It’s wonderful immersing in that experience and sharing in it like a dance. It’s wonderful.

Then there’s the beast ….

… which is a whole other thing altogether.

The single most important part with the beast is having an established, repeating that – an establishedconsensual non-consent relationship before unlocking the beast from his cage. Engaging him – requires the beforehand, accepting one’s fate and knowledge that he’s going to tear you apart. No. He’s not going to rip your arm out of your sockets or kick your teeth out or decapitate you … but he is going to harm you physically and emotionally.

Safewords won’t matter to the beast, but familiarity will. That’s why it’s important to have an established connection with the sadist before hand. A critically hard limit might entice the beast – but he also is aware that there’s a strong likelihood that crossing that hard limit may cause damage – irreparable damage – and if that happens then he can’t play with his toys anymore … hence – the familiarity component is an essential one in many regards. As irrational as the beast may appear – he’s obsessively calculated in what he does as well. That’s why it’s important to have the connection before even thinking about trying to invite the beast out.

The beast uses all your weaknesses, insecurities, irrational thoughts and ideas against you. He lives to crush your world from the inside out so the only thing left is to rebuild your world from scratch. That’s his meal – that’s his goal – that’s the part that satiates him – satisfies him.

“Should you be afraid?”


“But … but … but?”  I know. But here’s the deal: the beast doesn’t come out unless the sadist deems it okay. He’s doesn’t slip out very often – and even then – the sadist was quick to pounce and draw the beast back in. The beast doesn’t emerge out in the open in dungeons or play parties. In fact it’s pretty rare he surfaces at all. He very likely will never emerge in open spaces because that’s not conducive for him. “Too many witnesses,” he’d chuckle.

Some have been very curious about the beast. Some even want to find the beast – to see him – to poke him – to surrender to him. I understand the curiosity – but he’s contained for a reason. He’s kept locked away – for a reason.

“But that’s abuse!”

Maybe for you – and that’s okay. In no way am I trying to convince you that the sadist or the beast may be your cup of tea. It’s also apparent that it wouldn’t be a good pairing ether, so you have nothing to worry about.

“But we have to save danae!”

She’ll probably respond back: “No you don’t have to!!  Really!!” danae has come into this knowing, craving and wanting the beast. She doesn’t need saving – and would likely say: “shoo, shoo, I’m having fun now.”

“It’s people like you that give the lifestyle a bad name.”

Alright. Guilty? As long as we’re going to put forth all the negative “bad name” stuff – then we need to start having THAT conversation because at least I’m very upfront about the sadist and beast. There’s a lot of things that give the lifestyle a bad name – but having an informed upfront discussion about one’s sadist and beast won’t be one of them.

Which is the premise behind this post.

It’s about the perceived levels by which we do things in the lifestyle. It brings out the darkness within – and even teases us into going darker, going further, going deeper. My sadist and beast have a working understanding with one another that happens to work well for them.

I also understand the concerns, complaints and criticisms about engaging on such a level. I accept them. I’m not trying to change your mind about them. I’m merely being open and upfront about them.

They exist.

He exists.

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