100 Things About Her (from 2004)

1. I hate to be tickled
2. I don’t like my feet touched
3. I am introvert and an extrovert
4. I don’t like talking on the phone….but have made exceptions to that since moving from Ohio to Colorado and missing Moni lots!
5. I have red hair
6. I want purple hair
7. I am an artist
8. I played the flute for 6 years
9. I played the piano for 7 years
10. I was raised Lutheran
11. I am a girly girl
12. I love it when Master calls me His princess.
13. My favorite wine is Gewürztraminer
14. I am suppose to wear glasses
15. I am near sighted
16. I could eat Chinese food every night
17. I loved paper dolls as a little girl
18. I am a quote whore
19. I love to sleep in a fresh made bed
20. I am the oldest of 3 – all girls
21. I love candles
22. I don’t wear perfume
23. I loved to be touched by Master.
24. I can be blindly loyal towards those I love and care about
25. I wear my heart on my sleeve
26. I am sensitive but also distant
27. I drove my parents 74 red Impala in high school
28. I sleep with a Teddy Bear – Fitz
29. I used to be a masochist
30. I don’t know if I am….anymore.
31. I am very sexual
32. I can ejaculate
33. I like to bake
34. I have a sweet tooth
35. I like dove chocolates
36. But if I could have a Godiva, I would prefer
37. I like Aveeno lotion
38. I like to burn incense
39. I think Joss Whedon is a brilliant man.
40. I like to color
41. I am out about my lifestyle to my sisters but no one else in my family
42. I have no tattoos or any piercings other then my ears
43. I go through periods of wanting tattoos and piercings done
44. I like pretty paper and stationery
45. I have a journal that says Princess on it
46. I have a pillow that says a Princess sleeps here that Master gave me
47. As a teenager, I came to Colorado every summer for Camp
48. When I drink juice, my first choice is Tomato
49. Second is Orange Juice
50. I enjoy Tarot
51. Especially readings from Moni
52. I have a couple sets
53. My favorite is the Osho Zen set
54. One of my favorite card is the NoThingness card.
55. It is all black
56. It means that the nothing is not just nothing, it is all. It is vibrant with all possibilities.
57. I started an adult porn picture group on yahoo October 1999
58. I started blogging October 2000
59. My parents found my real name in a church bulletin – a little girl was getting baptized with my name
60. I got my nickname from the painting Danae by Gustav Klimt
61. I have never smoked
62. I have never done drugs
63. I like to draw figures
64. I like handcrafts
65. I like spiced cider during the winter holidays
66. I like a good mind fuck
67. Autumn is my favorite season
68. I loved Art History in College
69. I used to remember lots of what I learned
70. I wish I still had that knowledge
71. I am a fan of Audrey Hepburn’s movies
72. I am left-handed
72. I was married for 7 years
73. I like Movie Soundtracks
74. I am allergic to a lot of jewelry
75. But I love jewelry
76. But I don’t really wear anyway
77. Because Master does not really seem to care for it on me
78. I have a make up fetish
79. I would love to have every color of eyeshadow
80. I have a lot of lipstick too
81. I do not like going out of the house without makeup on
82. I do not wear lots – or at least I hope it looks like that
83. I do put it on heavy for Master at times though
84. As he loves that slutty make up look
85. I love green beans
86. I am bisexual
87. I worked in the sex industry
88. I loved it and miss it at time
89. I met some amazing people
90. I do not miss all the hours I worked
91. I would do things different now
92. But that does not mean I would not do it again if given the chance
93. I have a purple pen
94. I used to only write in my journal with it
95. Laura Antoniou used my pen to sign books when she was in Cleveland
96. I have lots of record albums
97. I have a Beatles album on an apple label
98. My current journal is covered with red fabric with a daisy appliqué on it
99. I love to give gifts
100. I love my Master very much.

+ Plus 10 more just because….
1. I loved the books and TV show Little House on the Prairie
2. I like Cold Stone Creamery
3. Fan of Paulo Coelho books
4. Who my good friend DM introduced to me
5. As I child one of my favorite series of books was by Gertrude Chandler Warner – The Box Car Children
6. I have dark fantasies.
7. I have played strip poker once
8. I have seen Dita Von Tesse strip
9. My first concert was Adam Ant – Strip tour
10. I have a little girl side of me

written June 24, 2004