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  1. I will be wholeheartedly recommending your blog, especially to DOMINANT Gentlemen, some very new, who always ask where to find descriptions of — well, everything.

    Less is more, and there are surely lots of places to find spectacular kink.

    So many [spectacularly kinky] D types do NOT understand why they would want to control their submissive/their life more… yet are baffled that they do not get what they want.

    Being Master of their life, and of their home and their love… would be difficult and demanding, I fear. I have your excellent writing and commitment to show them now.

    thank you. ducky

  2. i absolutely LOVE this blog. i show Master things often, almost daily, that I read on here. It is almost so personal that i feel as if i know you all. Thank you for having such a fantastic site. It is so relatable and hits every nail on the head (Buttered roll? i totally relate!). Keep up the great blogging. 🙂

  3. Hi! Tina (purple lotus) told me about your blog so I thought I would check it out – I’ve not had a chance to look it all over but believe I will be looking very closely at everything.


    • There’s always a level of protocol at all times – so let’s call that a lower protocol of rules and expectations. Depending on the circumstances, that protocol may change depending who we’re with, the event, etc. It may elevate because we’re with like-minded folks for instance … permissions are enhanced, more pronounced. She becomes more aware – more mindful – more in the moment. It’s different than the normal day to day – “run into us in the grocery” kind of thing.

      High protocol is usually reserved for structured dinners by which every movement, reaction and (almost) breath is gauged and otherwise practiced through what’s called a “high protocol event” (or dinner sometimes.) It’s a very intense level to be at.

      So – the long short of your answer: protocol gets established depending on the situation – but mostly through the day it’s on low or low-medium.

  4. Ignoring ! My God how this has enlightened me! I’ve been going through this with a Dom I’ve been talking to for over a month. He ignores me most of the time. I began having deep feelings for him even though these red flags kept eating away at me like continually ignoring me. I only met him once ( no sex) and only the other day spoke to him on the phone for the first time.

    When I complained he said oh you passed level one because I kept reaching out in spite of him walking away over and over. That was two – three days ago. Yes , I have abandonment and trust issues. So he uses that as a weapon against me and yet he tells me he doesn’t want someone to just walk away and yet that’s what he does to me repeatedly . I’m sick over it!

    • You’re coming into some revelations about your situation – that do need some answers. I’m glad our writings have helped you understand things a bit more – but keep communicating with him and hopefully you both will arrive at a better place where you understand the expectations better – and can step forth accordingly.

  5. My Dom gets angry at me for not paying attention either while texting or conversing on the phone. A few weeks ago, I asked what body parts he was working out on. His response was legs. The next day, I completely forgot, and mentioned that I had a feeling it was back and shoulders. He called me a lot of nasty names. This week, he told me he was on the highway. I was talking to him outside on the phone,I was being mindfull that no one heard me. And I asked are you still at work. Only because, I could not believe how quite it was in the background. Again he called me a lot of nasty names. Even texted me, what a waste of an half an hour I was. I know it’s mind games. This is not the end of the world to get angry over either. Just do not know what to do. Thank You

    • Jackie, from what I can tell you and your Dom need to go back to basics to figure out what’s happening at the foundation level of your dynamic. There is a lot of pent-up emotions it sounds like from both sides and the only way you’ll be able to clear that out is through open honest communication. Keep discussing the issues – until you reach the root of it and can figure out what’s the best course for you both is. It’s not an easy task nor is there a road map that we can use to navigate by. In the meanwhile, try to patient through this period until things clear – and you guys can get back on track. Good luck! -Michael

  6. I find myself speaking back to my Dom when he is upset with me. I have a hard time keeping quiet. Is it because I have not given him my mind?

  7. Hi, i am new to the bdsm lifestyle and I have so many questions and do not know who I can talk to. I have a patient Master and I am his slave but I keep making simple mistakes. How can I prove him I am serious about this. He is starting to feel that since I keep messing up that I am not serious about being in the lifestyle and I am. do you have any advice. I guess I am still in transition from vanilla life to bdsm life. Never had a Master before but so loving it. He is also my Daddy and I am his baby girl

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