Fantasy vs Reality

01ff35unexpectedboxMonday night  we came home after a busy day and had an amazing evening.  We had dinner and watched an episode of House of Card Season 1.  It ended with Kevin Spacey’s character telling Kate Mara’s character to take off her heels. The tone of his voice was so hot.  Made me squirm in my chair. I said, “oh that was hot” and then I said to Master how badly I wanted to suck his cock because it had turned me on. He told me to “get over here.” I knelt before him and gave him a blow job while Destiny knelt behind me with her hands laced behind her head.  We eventually all moved to the bedroom and had more fun. But we all remarked that every Monday should be this way.

After we three had fun, I bid Master and Destiny a good night as they moved to her house.  I even got to use one of Kaylee’s lines from Firefly.  “Bye now. Have good sex.”

So why I am sharing this….because our Monday night was how people often feel every night is here – being kinky and in a triad.  But it isn’t. We live our life within reality and reality is that we don’t have sex everyday. We don’t have kinky fun everyday. We have a strong foundation of our dynamics. But as a kinky triad we aren’t having kinky sex and play everyday. I am not locked in cuffs, hobbled or put in a cage when not in use. I am cleaning house, doing work for Master, figuring out how to get more storage out of the Master bedroom closet, working on the stain on destiny’s new yellow blouse, going through old papers to decide which is shredded and which are stored, working on my art, and doing all the little things that come up in daily life as a person and a service oriented slave.

Life has  responsibilities – a job to go to everyday, overflowing toilets, backed up sinks, bills to pay, beds to make, laundry to do and we are all working to keep this household moving forward.  It means that sometimes that just isn’t practical or efficient in serving, being locked in cuffs everyday.

But it also doesn’t mean that times like Monday night don’t happen. They do, but just not everyday.  We live life and sex and kinky fun happen when it happens.  We all went to bed with smiles on our faces and were thankful for a fun evening. Taking it when we can and going with the flow of life.

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