Part 4

Solo Play Methods and Risks

I never recommend playing alone, but if a person chooses to accept that risk I respect their choice.

Solo play is far more dangerous because if something goes wrong you have to be able to solve the situation yourself. This may be impossible if your problem is unconsciousness…a very natural part of our play. Most of the people who have died of breath play were solo players. The upside to solo play is that if you do happen to die, you will not leave behind a partner to possibly stand trial for assisting you in a consensual sexual act.

Here are some of the methods that people use in solo play…as with any form of asphyxiation play, all the physiological dangers will be present as will the dangers of vomiting, fainting, and seizuring. The cardinal rule of solo play is to have a fail-safe that automatically activates the instant you faint! Do not think that you will be able to operate the fail-safe yourself when you are groggy or beginning to faint.

Holding your breath
This is simple enough. You can hold your breath and have both hands free for other things. The problem with this method is that unless you are really good at resisting your urge to breath, you could let up before you really want to. Also, if you have a particular fetish for certain types of items (such as bags or nooses), I know this may not fulfill you. You might try holding, touching, or wearing the item in question but I don’t know if that would work for you. I have a latex fetish and just touching it is wonderful…your mileage might vary on that one. This style of play is going to be for people who are into the physiological feeling of asphyxiation and not so much into the objects that cause it. If that is you, then this is one of the best choices. Your body will naturally faint when you run dangerously low on oxygen and your main worry is making sure that when you faint you won’t fall and injure yourself. The physiological dangers inherent in breath control will still be there and so will injuries related to fainting and vomiting but it is relatively safe. Many children hold their breath till they faint all the time and doctors don’t seem to be too worried about it.

Nose Pinching
If you find that you have a hard time resisting the urge to breath, one of your options might be to wear an easily removable gag or duct tape over your mouth while you pinch your nose shut with your hand. I don’t recommend pinching your nose shut with anything like a clothespin because when you faint you will probably not have enough time to remove the clothespin. It would only take one mistake of leaving the clothespin on to end up dead. So, use your hand. If you faint, it will fall away and you will be able to breathe through your nose. Don’t play this way if you have a cold or other problem breathing through your nose. The advantage of this play is that it doesn’t take as much will power. I hear that the name brand duct tape is easier to remove then the generic brand but be aware that it may irritate the skin or hurt when coming off. If you use a gag, use one that you can take off in a second. I wouldn’t recommend the use of any gag with a buckle closure. In fact, it may be useful to just hold the gag in your mouth without closing it in the back. The reason for this precaution is that if you vomit from lack of oxygen, you will need to get the gag off quick.

Suffocating yourself with objects
Pressing your face into something so you find it hard to breathe is another method. I think this can work out if you are standing or kneeling and pressing something into your face, such as a pillow or something. The main thing to be aware of is that you have to make sure that if you faint, the thing will fall away from your face and give you air. It is also important that if you fall you won’t harm yourself too badly.

Gas Masks or Hoods
I happen to have a major gas mask fetish. I love to wear them and hear my breathing. I love the feeling of all-inclusive bondage I get from them. If you decide to use a gas mask on your own and cover the opening so you don’t get any fresh air, please consider just using your hand rather than taping it shut. If you use your hand, it will fall away when you faint. If you use tape or any other method that will not remove itself in case of fainting you could die after a miscalculation of how close you were to unconsciousness. I think this method of self-play is a bit more dangerous than the others above because if you throw up, you will have it trapped in the mask until you can manage to remove it and it will be easy to inhale it.

If you wear a hood, such as a discipline hood that encloses your face and has tubes for the mouth and/or nose areas, I think you are taking a big risk doing solo play. If you are dead set on wearing one, I would suggest one with a mouth opening that you cover with your hand or place a gag into while shutting off the tubes for the nose with your hands (not by using clips…but just by covering the openings with your hands). That way if you throw up, you can spit out the gag. If you faint, you will have a chance that your hands will fall away and you will land in a way that does not block the tubes. Many of the discipline hoods have tubes that actually are placed up into the nostrils and mouth….and are independent of the mask itself (so they can slide), this is important to remember because if you faint you could easily jam those tubes very far up your nose or into your throat. Many hoods are difficult to remove and the latex inflatable ones that I am fond of can be near impossible to put on or take off properly without a partner, so I don’t recommend them for solo play.

One of the ways that many people have died is by placing bags over their heads and fastening them there with rubber bands. They poke holes in the bag when they feel as if they are going to faint. This method allows for zero mistakes. More experienced and more knowledgeable people than you have died doing this. The bad news is that if you fainted in that situation described above, you couldn’t survive. The good news is there is a way to get the same type of high…and even carry it to fainting…while having an excellent chance of it not causing a life-threatening situation. I’m sure that if you have ever hyperventilated, you have held a paper bag over your nose and mouth and experienced “therapeutic rebreathing.” Well, if you use a plastic bag instead, you can do the same thing and even carry it to fainting while sitting up or in some other position that allows for the bag falling away automatically when you faint.

Rebreathing bladders
This is a tricky one to play with safely in a solo scene. I would say that if you could absolutely secure the air bladder and tube so that it could not move you could then put your mouth on the tube and pinch off your nose (with your hands preferably). It would have to be done so that if you fall, you would fall away from the tube and onto something that would not harm you. My instinct would be to hook something to the ceiling that you would have to reach up to slightly to put your mouth on.

Pressure on the Trachea and/or Hanging
I think that most of us would find this method a tad tricky as a solo practice. It is natural for us to release ourselves and panic when something presses into our windpipe. I imagine that a person could do this sort of play by taking a curved finger and pressing it into the trachea (up and back) where the neck meets the chin or by pressing into the windpipe below the larynx. Either way, the major downside to playing like this alone is that if you injure your windpipe or larynx you are going to be in big trouble if you are all alone. As long as the pressure is applied with your own hands, you do not have to worry about strangulation itself that much because your hands will fall away when you faint. If you use something like a ligature that tightens around the neck, you are really taking a big risk though. In that case you could easily injure your cervical spine, trachea, or larynx and even more importantly…if you pass out, the ligature may not ease up and could strangle you after you faint. This is one of those behaviors that has led to a lot of deaths when done solo. It is usually when someone opts for a ligature device that tightens and does not automatically release when they faint. Hanging is a practice I cannot ever recommend as a solo experience. It was designed to snap the spine and it is important to understand that if you are airwalking, you must not drop into position. Even a drop of 1 inch could break your neck or cause serious injury. If you are doing a solo hanging, you are taking a very, very big risk of all kinds of injury and if you faint, you are dead unless someone finds you in time. Some ways you can manage some of the injuries involved in hanging are by padding the noose, adding a dry lubricant to the skin of the neck, and always keeping your feet touching the floor. Once again, this play and Bagging are the two forms of auto-erotic asphyxiation that lead to the most reported fatalities.

Compression of the chest
I cannot currently think of a way to induce asphyxia through crushing the chest of a person that would allow a fail-safe feature that would automatically be in effect if the person faints. I can say that corseting is a form of specialized breath control and if you have an interest in that, you can see websites specific to that. Otherwise, I just don’t have a clue how to make this safer other than never have anything apply pressure to the chest suddenly and violently. It must be slow and avoid trauma to the ribs. It is important that when someone feels faint while wearing a corset, they are slowly unlaced and have the corset slowly let out. If it is too rapid, they will generally faint or go into a form of shock. An interesting aside…in early America, if a lady died from her corset she was said to have be “screwed to death.” What a thing to have printed in the newspaper.

Pressure on the carotid artery
This would be tricky to achieve while getting off. I suppose you could put pressure on your carotid arteries yourself with your hands because they would fall away when you fainted. If you have some form of device do it, you are taking one heck of a deadly chance though. It takes about 15 seconds of proper pressure to the arteries of the neck to cause unconsciousness and if the blood flow isn’t restored, you are dead.

This is so incredibly dangerous that it amazes me that anyone is trying it. There are drugs that can induce asphyxia. I don’t recommend them and I won’t list them. I will list the problems with them. First, no one knows the safe dosage for you. Second, if you overreact or have an odd response to the drug and you are alone, you are basically dead. Third, you can’t reverse it quickly if things start to go wrong. I would advise against this even if you happened to be a trained anesthesiologist with the best equipment money could buy. It shouldn’t be done alone, no matter what.