He said, she said: Be All You Can Be

His words: “What does danae do for a living??”

A sigh comes over me because of the standard answer I give: “she’s an artist, she does lots of things, but mostly she takes care of me because we all know that’s such a huge job…” I laugh and chuckle, they join in and the subject is by-passed.

That said, it’s important to note that danae functions as she does by choice, not by force. I’ve always maintained that if circumstances warrant, the situation would have to be altered and she would have to work. Thankfully we’re in a situation where she doesn’t have to – as I enjoy the service she provides to me being here at home.

But I must profess that if she ever got the wild hair to follow her passion, something that drives her soul to a happy place, then as her Dominant – why wouldn’t I allow that type of progress from happening? Sure there’s always the fodder fantasies of being locked in a cage 20 hours out of the day or chained to the bed until I came home from work. But those moments exist in a state of fantasy that does not satisfactorily address the reality of our life in general.

Which is why I approach the lifestyle – not quite so unlike as one might see from the leather community: where they preach the inner, positive paths of life tempered with the rationale that they are bettering themselves for their Masters.. The leather community gets it because they have found the right ways to live their lives in the day to day. They stress the health of the relationship for both dominant and submissive in ways that the fodder-fests can only dream of.

So as a Dominant in a committed long-term relationship with his slave, it’s my responsibility that I make those types of calls for the betterment of the relationship, to directly affect the health of our relationship and to preserve the path we are on without second guesses or regret.

Those two torpedoes can dramatically change the tenor of the relationship and lead things to all things peril.

Follow your dreams.
Be true to yourself.
And let the flower grow from within.

Her words: Being all I can be…no, I am not joining the military just to let you know, but he really does want me to be all I can be. And it doesn’t necessarily mean going with what would be EASIER for him in our relationship.

Many years ago I was involved with a dominant that knew that I wanted to be an artist but I was still in that stage where I let all the old messages and voices hold me back from really pursuing it. I talked with the dominant about really wanting it “this” time, really pursuing it and he did the “uh huh.” I tried to bring art up on other times also and it was almost the same response. He basically seemed like it was of no value or interest. It hurt. It felt like a part of me – a part I struggled to even let out – was being buried because it was not of value to him. So I boxed up art supplies and books up and told myself that would never be a part of my life as a slave.

I am now with Master and Master’s views are different. Before I became Master’s though I was moving one of my many times and I threw out lots of supplies because I felt most dominants were not going to like me devoting time to my art. So it was time to move to be with Master. He and I were going through my stuff deciding what would be donated, what would move with him to Colorado and such. There had been a flood where I was storing my stuff and one of my art portfolios had some damage. I started to cry. He said we were going to Wal-Mart. It was fairly late in the evening and we are in a small town. He drove to the next town so that we could get supplies to save my art. He patiently and painstakingly went through each page and took the time to save them. Each page dried and carefully put between wax paper so that any dampness left wouldn’t make them stick to each. He cut around areas of damage so carefully not to damage my art. He acted like each piece of from the portfolio (they were assignments from college) were the Mona Lisa. I know I will never forget him doing something so wonderful for me.

Shortly after I was here he was telling me that I needed to pursue my passion. That I needed to encourage my talent. He has bought supplies, given me a space that is mine to create art, he has encouraged and been the best support in helping me really give it my all. Now at times, this has infringed on my time and service to him but he wants me to do this. He feels it is important even if he has to go get his own drink or do other things because I am working on art. I do try to balance it so I am not eating into time to serve him. But there are occasions it has happened. Overall I am very happy to be able to create and pursue my passion and that makes me a happy slave….for him. My passion for life is there in all things I do because I am going after this thing that really fulfills me just as my slavery to him does.

So with his encouragement, support, and love….I am being all I can be by pursuing my dreams.

© within Reality: Michael & danae 2006 – all rights reserved

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