Ambrosio’s BDSM Site ~ BDSM Informational Resources

APEX ~  from a group in Albany – D/s, TPE, 24/7, BDSM essays.

BDSM? ~ A BDSM 101

BDSM Backroom ~ Library has an extensive list of essays

BDSM Rights ~ Promotes those that engage in BDSM “deserve the same human rights as everyone else, and should not be discriminated against for pursuing BDSM with consenting adults.”

B.E.S.T – a slave training guide

Born Slaves ~ an interesting set of essays dealing with being a slave

Deborah Addington’s Fist and Fangs ~ Deborah is the author of Hand in a Bush and Fantasy Made Flesh. Her websites deals with Mind and Body Modification. She is a fascinating woman and if you get a chance to hear her speak, please take it…Oh and buy her books too!

Eric Pride – He is an educator and has essays and a blog on BDSM

Erotic Awakenings – home of Erotic Awakenings Podcast

FetLife ~  It is like a kinky Facebook

Gloria Brame – co-author of Different Loving my first bdsm book.

A Guide for Rope Bottoms – a guide by Clover

House of Tanos – Tanos of IE (next link) personal website

Internal Enslavement ~ From IE: “Internal Enslavement is a radical answer to the question ‘Just how binding and complete can consensual slavery really be?’ ” This our favorite website.

Kink Academy – A place to learn. Has videos and information about all thinks Kink. It has a paid part, but the info that is on the free side is pretty good too. – Kinky podcasts where the hosts interview people in the BDSM community

Kinky – Life without Restraint – articles about kinky news, celeberties and kink, op-eds and such

Laylah Martelli Archive – A series from that are explicit descriptions of the pleasures of branding, cutting, beating and sex

Leather Archive – From their website: “The compilation, preservation and maintenance of leather lifestyle and related lifestyles [including but not limited to the Gay and Lesbian communities], history, archives and memorabilia for historical, educational and research purposes.”

Leatherati – Leather people, events and news

Leather-n-Roses ~ A huge collection of D/s, M/s and BDSM essays and other resources

Leatherviews ~ Jack Rinella writes a great weekly essay.

Our Master/slave Journey –  Daily updates from a M/s couple

Passion and Soul – website of Lee Harrington – erotic and spiritual educator

Practical Polyamory – education and resources for Polyamory

Peter Masters ~ Mr. Masters writings on Hypnosis, Mastery & slavery, and
Dominance & submission.

Power in Practice – Podcast by Soulhuntre & Flagg

Raven Kaldera ~ He has written some great books. I have followed him and his slave online for years and always enjoy their thoughts.

Restraining Order ~ a M/s couples website that explores their journey

SexGeek – talk about sex, BDSM and poly

Simply Service – (Archive on Submissive Guide)A newsletter/e-zine written for service oriented people, by service oriented people in M/s, D/s or Leather relationships

Slave Register ~ The registry itself provides a central place for the registration of slaves and submissives. Discussion boards, weblogs, links.

Society for Human Sexuality ~ articles and essays covering all aspects of sexuality including BDSM

Submissive Circle – a blog and resources for submissives

Submissive Guide – to help mentor, self-teach training and explore BDSM

Taken in Hand ~ Various essays on D/s, Power Exchanges, DD, and so much more

The Academy of SM Arts – a website with Cleo Dubois a long time BDSM educator.  About half way down on the page she has some articles.

The Estate ~ They offer training and guidance to submissive to improve the quality of service. Plus some good essays.

The Iron Gate ~ One place for a large collection of essays, links, stories and poetry

The Perverted Negress – website of Mollena William’s BDSM educator

The Rosie Archives ~ In early days of Rosie was one of posting of her long-term absolute-power relationship and her life as a slave.

The Society of Janus – The Society of Janus is a San Francisco-based support and education organization for people interested in learning about BDSM.

 Two Knotty Boys – if you click on the download link on their website they have links to videos demonstrating all sorts of ties for rope bondage

House of Gord