His Authority Over my Life

Master does exercise authority over most things in my life. Some of them are things he told or trained me to do and expects I will obey and fulfill them without him having to go over it each and every time. Some things he tells me what to do each and every time.

Things he has trained me to:

  • dress for him – I am not allowed to wear pants – there are exceptions for home such as I have shiny spandex exercise pants that hit on a fetish of his so I have those, I have a couple of pair of yoga pants too that when I am extremely cold in the winter he allows me to wear at home.  I own one pair of dress pants and I have only ever wore them once in 10 years of being with him – and that is when I fell and hurt my knee one winter.  I couldn’t bend my knee to get tights on and so he allowed me to wear pants to a business function.  I was thankful that one pair of pants still fit when that happened.
  • to walk on his right side.  He did it not for any symbolism of my place, but for practical reasons. He is completely deaf in his left ear and partially in his right. I need to be on his right side for him to hear me.
  • in how he wants things in the house – such as he doesn’t tell me how to clean something, but he has preferences such as he likes the sink to be mostly empty so dirty dishes go on the counter next to sink if I don’t load them right away, he likes a basket near the front door for his keys and wallet and other things that are specific on how he likes things, but overall cleaning and organizing he leaves to me. Also he likes certain colors in the house and others he doesn’t. He doesn’t like taupe, brown, beige or any brownish earthy colors. We got a pair of brown sheets though this year and he said they aren’t too bad. I am crossing my fingers that brown makes it to the list of acceptable colors. Green, blue, and grey are what he prefers normally though.
  • in not touching heating or air conditioning dials unless he specifically tells me to touch them. I am not allowed to make it warmer in the house even if I am freezing my toes off.
  • in not touching the radio or music in the car and not to touch the TV remotes if he is in the room.
  • in how he likes certain foods – such as he likes mustard on a brat, he likes blue cheese on his sandwiches, he likes ketchup in his chili, he likes non-flavored cream in his coffee, 2 sugar packets in iced tea when we go out
  • general daily preferences such as how he wants mail sorted, his clothes set out, how he takes his coffee
  • on dinner – Master likes choices so I say these are options available tonight. When I plan for a month of eating, I ask him if he is craving anything and then plan some meals I know he likes to supplement that try to do about 15 to 20 meals knowing that there are some meals I always have available to make so that he always has options.
  • basically everything he feels I can serve him in he has directed me how he wants and what he expects from me and I obey and do my best do give him those things.

Things I need permission every time either by asking or him giving it:

  • to use the restroom
  • to leave the room – if we are in the same room and I need to go change out laundry or do a chore then I say “Master, I am going to do x, y,and z – is that okay?”
  • to answer the phone – now that I have a cell phone that is our home number – if I am with him I ask to answer, if I am not with him I use my discretion based on his known preferences
  • to open mail – I can open bills, but personal mail address to me – I have to ask permission
  • to eat – I sit and wait to eat and he gives me permission by telling me to go ahead or if we are with people he will just do a nod
  • to have soda – this is still something I ask permission for even though it was set in place to cut my diet coke habit down
  • to spend money – I have a bank account that he has access too, but if I get money for gifts or he gives me money then I have to ask to use that money
  • to go to bed – I ask if it is okay to go to bed or take a nap
  • to make appointments or to go out with friends
  • I am sure I am forgetting things as they have just become so normal for me that I don’t notice them.

He also controls all the money in our relationship. We go grocery shopping together.  I make a list and he looks it over and approves it and then pays for the groceries.  If we need a gift or something for the house, we go together, but everything is approved by him and paid for by him. If I go to visit family without him, he puts money into my account to use. He has trained me in what he likes so if I purchase clothing while away I use my discretion on if he would like it or not before buying. I also save all receipts just in case he doesn’t. Example: I am a girly girl and Master likes this and uses this to dress me in his preferred manner. Once while out of town I saw a cute pair of sneakers. I am not allowed to wear pants  as I said above so sneakers aren’t something usually worn with skirts/dresses. I told Master I bought these really cute sneakers – they were a seafoam green with aqua, brown and yellow paisleys on them. Very girly and cute. He said “you better have the receipt as I suspect they will be going back as you don’t need sneakers.”. I knew once he saw what I would wear them with he would think they were cute. And he did. But I only know that because I learned what he likes and how he likes it.

Even after all these years together sometime he will change things up – such as the sink being empty was just something he explained he wanted a month or so ago. I knew he liked the sink empty so most of the time before I tried to do that just because I like to please, but sometimes I didn’t when I had too much on my plate.  Now I know I have to make sure it is empty because he expressed this as something he wants.  I am here to do anything he wishes so if he wants things changed after 10 years of doing it one way – I do it.  He has ultimate authority over my life and I love living my life this way! Can’t imagine it any other way!

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