Acid Test

Is there an acid test to help you not get hurt? No. There used to be an essay here called Acid Test by Dr. Spankenstein, and at one time I agreed with some things in it, but most of it I didn’t like. There was just one section that helped me re-frame my perspective years and years and years ago. I realized I had been making bad choices in dominants as I didn’t know myself. The whole of that essay was about spotting “wanna-be” and “predators.” I have been in the lifestyle actively since 1994 and I can tell you there are people that would be labelled wanna-be or predators that are some of my good friends. We have to make our own acid test.

The term ‘Acid Test’  comes from prospecting days.  Gold doesn’t dissolve in most acids.  The ‘Acid Test’ was a test for people to make sure they had a real nugget of gold and not fools gold. We all have our own Acid Tests.

  • We talk to people and get gut reactions.
  • We follow  common sense.
  • We learn and discover to gain more self-awareness
  • We make judgements based on our own world life experiences
  • We take responsibility for choices – good and bad and learn from those.

All those in a way are acid tests. We use those to help us navigate this beautiful, frightening world.

The number one acid test is knowing yourself. If you know yourself, you get better at knowing if you found the right person to skip through the twisted thoughts and fantasies you have and want to enjoy.

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Know yourself, make good choices based on your life skills, take responsibility for your good decisions as well as your bad, and learn from them.