A Day in the Life of a Slave

I wrote a piece like this years ago, but I really think it needs to be updated and addressed again.

One day recently….
* made breakfast
* got our meds/vitamins and such
* refilled our daily medicine container
* Master took a shower so I laid out clothes for him
* got things out for dinner and prepped them
* threw a load of clothes in the washer
* worked on a project for Master’s business
* took a shower
* made lunch
* switched out laundry
* wiped down the bathroom sink, counter and toilet
* unloaded and loaded the dishwasher
* put the last load of wash in the dryer or hung to dry
* created a to-do list for errands we were running – made sure I had everything on my grocery lists and did a final check of pantry and fridge to make sure anything else I needed to add
* gathered up our packages, grocery sacks and other items needed to run errands
* ran a couple errands with Master – including going to bank, post office and 2 different grocery stores
* put groceries away
* made dinner
* cleaned up dinner dishes, loaded dishwasher and ran it, swept kitchen, wiped counters and stove top down
* finished up a project for Master
* had some me time – did some art journaling for a couple hours
* unloaded the dishwasher before bed at 1am

I know I am forgetting things – like him asking me to get him a water or snack, picking up clothes on the floor, looking for a bill we needed to do while we were out doing errands.  Just lots of things go on in the day. All these things are normal every day things people do throughout the day.

A friend asked recently “What makes your life different than your neighbor?” I believe mostly it is his expectations of me and my intention behind everything. When I first became his, he made sure that he told me how he wanted things. I worked to bend to those desires. So now my thoughts are of him all day – what I need to do for Master and how can I enhance his life.

I mean really if it was just me in this house and doing these things – some of them would have been put off until the next day.  But I unloaded the dishwasher at 1AM as I know Master likes a clean sink and there were a few dirty bowls in the sinks so unloaded it and loaded it before bed. I also knew there would be a busy morning the next day so I didn’t want those to sit there until the next afternoon as that was the soonest I would have been able to get to them when doing other higher priority things.  Sometimes – it does sit there as I just can’t get to everything at times.

As you will see in this account of a day – there was no BDSM and no sex.  We don’t have sex everyday. We don’t have kinky play everyday. You don’t really even see the control in that account of a day – although there is control there. It is established control where I know what is expected of me and I do it. Meaning you don’t see on that schedule every time I  go the bathroom throughout the day  – I have to ask permission. Or that I wait at mealtime until he gives me the go-ahead to eat. Or that I set his clothes out in a certain way because that is what he expects.  Or that I rinse the dishes off almost as though they were washed – before putting in the dishwasher as he prefers that.

Our lives look very vanilla from the outside, but with the expectations he has, the control he has and my intention behind everything I do – my day is filled with M/s as the foundation. It is there while I unload the dishwasher at 1am.  It is there while I am having me-time – doing art because I know he is allowing it and he can stop it at any moment for me. I know it is there when I do all the household chores throughout the day.  It is just so a part of our lives that it very subtle to the outside viewer.

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