100 Things About Her

1. I don’t like to be tickled. Master doesn’t tickle me and I am ever grateful to him for not tickling me.

2. I don’t like my feet to be touched, but Master touches them.  He has helped me not completely jump and run away when others brush against them or touch them lightly.

3. But still not comfortable with people touching them for longer than just a few seconds.

4. I am shy and I am introvert, but I thrive with connection so like being social too.

5. My hair has been blonde, brown, red, black cherry and magenta.

6. My magenta hair was my favorite.

7. I am a mixed media artist

8. Which means I enjoy mixing mediums together – I use collage, paint, oil pastels, and ink in/on  journals, handmade books, canvas, paper, wood, altoid tins, cds or any material that inspires me.

9. I played the flute for 6 years and the piano for 7

10. If I tried to play them now, I know I wouldn’t be able to remember a note.

11. I like music

12. I don’t like country or rap really except Eminem.

13. Adele, Coldplay and U2 are my favorites

14. I like to sing.

15.  When I was a young girl, I was in singing contests.

16. Now I don’t have the singing range I did then since I developed asthma.

17. I was raised Lutheran

18. But now I have a mix of religions to create my own path of spirituality.

19. I collect quotes. I find them inspiring.

20. I am the oldest of 3 – all girls

21. Growing up we had one bathroom – so feel sorry for my Dad.

22. I am very passionate and sensitive which can make me come across angry or aloof.

23. I cry easily – reading sappy stories, seeing a sentimental youtube videos of a daughter’s first dance with her father at a wedding,  coke or google commercials and so on.

24. I enjoy cooking for those I care about

25. I love to bake even more

26. I have a sweet tooth so might be better if I baked things that I didn’t like, but usually it doesn’t work that way

27.  Thank goodness Master likes the things I bake so that I am not eating the whole pan of brownies or plate of cookies or whatever other sweet I bake.

28. I love chocolate.

29.  Dove Milk Chocolate is always good

30. I love the notes inside Dove Chocolate wrappers and often keep good ones that really fit the day or moment.

31. But if I could pick out any chocolate it would be Godiva chocolate especially truffles

32. My favorite color is purple

33. But I often decorate with greens and blues.

34. Pea green is my favorite, but Master likes a deeper darker green

35. I would love to redecorate the living room to be 2 shades of green and a charcoal grey

36. I like earth tones too, but Master doesn’t like browns.

37. I have an office supply fetish

38. Flags to mark passages or pages are my favorite and most people who know me give them to me as gifts

39. I also like notepads and stickies and have a basket of them in my studio

40. I enjoy sending out snail mail

41. So I have a basket of cards and a box stuffed with little trinkets and such to send out care packages and little pick me up gifts and notes to people.

42.  I collect Owls so often have notecards and stickers with owls to send to people

43. I have an iPhone which I love. Yes, I love my iPhone.

44.  Since getting it – it has opened up my art and my connections to my art tribe because of it

45. Shortly after getting the iPhone, I started playing with mobile artistry

46. A photo of mine was picked to be published in a book because of the mobile artistry

47. My art was also published this year (2014)  in a magazine for artists

48. My goal for 2014 is to send an art journal to a favorite art magazine to hopefully be published.

49. Besides art and photography, service is my other main passion

50. I would say service is my calling.

51. I love it when Master calls me his…by saying, “Mine”

52. When he grabs my collar and says that, I get weak in the knees.

53. I didn’t like wine until I became Master’s

54. I like mostly fruity/sweet wines as dry wines give me migraines

55. I am near-sighted

56. In 2013, I got a new pair of glasses – my first pair since the early 1990’s.

57. Chinese food is my favorite

58. We really don’t have a good Chinese place here in our little town.

59. Other favorite foods include: seafood, chocolate, green beans, fresh pineapple, roasted veggies with plenty of rosemary and olive oil, juicy hamburgers covered in gobs of melted cheese and thick slices of bacon, Thanksgiving dinner, and BREAD

60. Ask Destiny about my love of Bread and watch her giggle at me.

61.  Speaking of Bread…I like my toast very lightly toasted

62. My favorite breakfast is crème brulee French toast

63. When I pour maple syrup on French toast or pancakes, I like to have my bacon or sausage saturated with it too.

64. I do Tarot readings from the Osho Zen tarot set

65. When I was coming to meet Master for the first time in 2003, I pulled the Fool card everyday for a week before meeting him. That card has a man walking off a cliff. It was telling me to take a risk.

66.  That risk was so worth every moment of anxiety and questioning. 11 years together as of 2014 so it worked out very well for me.

67. I put words to what I felt and who I was in 1994…when I first discovered the BDSM community online.

68.  Although I had urges from very young and my first sexually intimate relationship at 16 involved spanking and being tied up.

69.  I became Master’s February 1, 2003.

70.  He is an amazing man who I feel blessed to serve.

71.  I love his mind.  His mind turns me on easily.

72. But I also like his spanking…he does percussion type spankings.

73. I was owned once before by a man named Kam.

74. I was owned by him for almost 3 years.

75. I was a part of a big poly household when in service to Kam.

76. In 2008, I realized I missed my poly lifestyle and asked Master if we could pursue finding someone to join us.

77. The end of spring 2013, a woman opened a door to a BDSM community meeting and the energy around Master changed. I peeked around him to find a beautiful woman smiling and ushering us in.

78. In October 2013, we started seeing this woman.

79. We feel blessed she is a part of our lives.

80. We go on poetry dates.  Where we find an interesting place such as the library, a park, or the hospital cafeteria and then we sit and write poetry together.

81.  We are all mushy romantic if you didn’t know by writing poetry thing above.

82. I love Audrey Hepburn movies

83. I am left-handed.

84. I always have to have 3 things with me – my  iPhone, lip balm, and tissues.

85.  I like mind-fucks.

86. I am a masochist.

87. I like stingy pain more than thuddy pain…think single tail.

88. My nipples aren’t very sensitive

89. Because of that they don’t stay hard very long so clamps, clips and clothes pins will fall off if applied

90. Clover clamps are the only clip type toy that seems to stay on for any length of time.

91.  I really enjoy rope bondage, but haven’t been with partners that have enjoyed it all that much…including Master.

92. Thankfully he will indulge me at times with it.

93. My biggest turn is anything dealing with humiliation and degradation.

94.  Thoughts of being an it or objectified turn me on.

95.  Face slapping and breath play are favorites too – often used in conjunction with humiliation and degradation

96. I worked in the sex industry for 3 years.

97.  I miss it at times.

98. I lived in Ohio for 6 years.

99. I was active in the Cleveland and Akron BDSM community.

100. The Market Place series is my favorite set of BDSM fiction books.  I had the privilege of meeting and having dinner with the author of the series while living in Ohio. It was one of the highlights of being a part of SMART in Cleveland.

Updated February 19, 2014

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